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Valentina DB Core

Valentina DB is the advanced, object-relational columnar database and the result of 15 years of research and constant optimization. With so much continuous development and optimization, it is hard to pick among the hundreds of features available.

Here are just 18 features of the Valentina DB Core - shared by all products that include Valentina DB, including Valentina Studio, Valentina Server as well as all developer products.

Recursive Queries

Work with descendants and ancestors, ROOT records. Valentina DB queries can reduce query length and complexity by 80% or more.

Database Clean Up

Built in API for compacting databases. Use deframentation for chain of segments of logical files and BLOB record, pages in the page files.

Powerful Indexing

Not compromised by B-tree limitations. Create indexes based on calculated fields, or any SQL expression based on fields.

Valentina Abstraction Links

Eliminate massive tables dedicated to foreign keys by leveraging Valentina DB Abstraction Links. 1:1, M:1 or M:M relations - without building tables.

Store Data, Text, Media

Optimized storage for encryptable media, BLOB storage of indexable text. Even works from locked media devices.

Disk Based Databases

Disk based data storage, with over eight different modes for storing your data on disk - including temporary disk based options for tables and fields.

Calculation Functions
Valentina DB has close to 100 database calculation functions built right in, ready to use with SQL, checks and table methods.
Granular Customization
Valentina DB databases can be stored in up to four different logical volumes; each file can have a unique extension.
Best Unicode

UTF-16, UTF-8 and 200+ individual encodings provides best platform for multi-language searching, sorting and storage.

Database Refactoring

Granular control over cloning complete databases or just their structure. Advanced API commands for refactoring and transforming link types.

Advanced Cache System

Advanced cache with optimization to reduce disk I/O overhead. Valentina caching is the result of over a decade of performance based optimization.

DB Encryption

Hierarchy of 448-bit encryption for databases, tables and fields in addition to separate encryption management for database schemas.

Database Diagnostics

Diagnose inefficiencies by leveraging warning and tune logs using the advanced Valentina API or through free visual tools.

In Memory Databases

Supports temporary in-memory databases and tables for ultra fast performance as well as blazingly fast disk based performance.

Data Model Blending

Use multiple data models, including full relational, object-relational, and high performance Valentina data model. You decide.

Object-Relational Core

Native Valentina databases, tables, fields, links and servers can be assigned properties and work with GET/SET/SHOW Commands.

DB Text Engine

REGEX search, Full Text Search, IndexStyles (such as IgnoreWords, maxLengthToIgnore) and Text/XML import and export of data and schema.

Valentina SQL

Utilize Stored Procedures, Views, Triggers, complex sub-queries, return XML and more using standard SQL + Valentina DB Native Extensions.


Development Tools

Build local and server royalty free apps with the dev tech you use

  • .NET
  • COM
  • C | C++
  • Obj C | Mac OS X
  • Obj C | iOS
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • Director
  • LiveCode
  • Real Studio

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Valentina DB is the modern, multi-platform object relational columnar database.