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Valentina Database & Report Server

Valentina Server brings together two advanced technologies into one extremely fast and powerful platform: the acclaimed Valentina DB and enterprise class Valentina Reports.

Valentina DB technology distinguishes itself with its advanced object-relational data model as well as its highly optimized columnar data store. The Valentina DB columnar data store makes exponential speed possible over open and closed source relational databases. Learn more about Valentina DB Core.

Valentina Server / 5

Valentina Server /5 Key Features

Fast, easy to use and free.

  • Based on Valentina DB object-relational columar database - exponential speed gains over other free servers
  • Integrated enterprise ready reports server technology, turns data into rich media web pages, text, images and PDFs
  • Build fast web applications around web languages PHP and Ruby on Rails
  • Add/drop users, register/unregister databases, run diagnostics, create/alter/view Schedule events; journaling
  • Highly secure with configurable support for SSL and powerful, built in encryption
  • Utilities to diagnose, compress, clone, defragment, reindex and dump data
  • Administer your databases with free Valentina Studio and iValentina for iOS
  • All features available on 32 and 64 bit natively on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Valentina Server /5 is available for free for your use under a liberal license. Please read the license to see if you qualify for free use. Additional features, more deployment options and special support programs are available.

Valentina Server Key Features

Valentina Server Key Features

Valentina Server provides additional features, more deployment options and support options over Valentina Server /5.

  • Valentina Server has all of the build in features of Valentina Server /5, including Valentina DB and Valentina Reports technologies
  • Extensible number of simultaneous, unnamed connections up to Unlimited
  • Direct, next business day support, with more advanced support options available
  • 12 full months of supported technology updates from your data of purchase
  • Update before the end of your update period at a discounted rate

Valentina Server Embedded for Developers

Valentina Developer Network: Royalty Free Embedded Server Deployment for Developers

If you develop client-server applications and need a royalty free or cost effective server that you can deploy to your clients, then Valentina Developer Network is for you. With Valentina Developer Network, you can wrap Valentina Server - referred to as Valentina Embedded Server - into your solutions.

  • Royalty free deployment of a 5 connection version of Valentina Server (includes both database and reports server components)
  • Steep discount on purchasing additional, higher connection versions of Valentina Embedded Server for your customers
  • Separate, developer focused mailing list only for Valentina Developer Network
  • 12 full months of supported technology updates from your data of purchase
  • Update before the end of your update period at a discounted rate

Get Started with Free Valentina Server /5. Liberally licensed Valentina Server /5 lets you build your organization around game changing Valentina technology. Get Valentina Server /5 for free.