Valentina Studio 5.8 posted for review into AppStore

Info for AppStore lovers. We have posted 5.8 build of Valentina Studio into MacAppStore.

This is the last build before we get Valentina Studio 6.0 with retina, full screen, trackpad and other Cocoa features.  We will get this thanks to total re-write of Valentina Studio code from wxWidgets framework to QT framework, yet using a lots C++11 features. We spend all our power on this task during last 16 months. If you want to participate in the beta testing – you are welcome.

v5.6 Builds Index of String/VarChar field in 10-15 times faster!

Bench Description

Prepare Steps

  • We have table T1 with field String[120] or VarChar.
  • We add 1 million records with unique values using METHOD( ‘concat( rand_string(80), RecID’ ) ) 

 So we get table with one only field, 1 millions records, values are about 80-90 chars length.


  • Build index for this field.

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Valentina Technology Release 5.5.8 Now Available

Paradigma Software announces the immediate availability of Valentina Technology Release 5.5.8, a fixes and improvements to Valentina Studio, Valentina Server and the Valentina Kernel (underlying all Valentina products).

You can find a complete list of changes in the Release Notes on the Valentina Wiki.

[NEW] Generating Test/Bench Data for Data Focused Apps (Part 2)

We have implement Stored Procedure ‘GenerateDataFor()’, which solves the task described in the part1 of this article.

We have added into Valentina Wiki new section, where we will keep this and future other Stored Procedures By Paradigma Software.

On this page you can find link to WIKI page, which describes GenerateDataFor() procedure and contains download link.

[NEW] SQL expression function RAND_REGEXP()

We added a new SQL function RAND_REGEXP  into v5.5.6 (available in the night_build or upcoming beta). This is very powerful function that can generate random strings of any kind, following some regular expression.

This function is useful for test and bench data generation features we will be talking more about.

Our wiki has coverage of this new function: RAND_REGEXP


[NEW] Generating Test/Bench Data for Data Focused Apps (Part 1)

There are several database tools available for generating records for table T with some random data. Usually these tools can…

  • generate the test data itself;
  • format the data for replication of some bug

Yes, both very useful.  But as speed junkies and test pilots, we also want to use this feature to

  • generate data for use in benchmarks

The difference between test and bench data, is that for benchmarking today, tomorrow and months or years later, we should generate the same records into a Table. Otherwise how we can compare results of a benchmarks as computer scientists? For tests it is okay to use random values in records, but benchmarks require exactness.

We were going to add such feature into Valentina Studio, but then we started thinking about benchmarking the Valentina engine (made in C++).  It is clear then that we need such a feature right in the engine.  So how to implement it?
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Video: How to Download and Install Valentina ADK for Xojo/REALbasic on Windows

Valentina ADK for Xojo for WindowsHow about a step-by-step walk thru of installing Valentina ADK for Xojo / REALbasic ? With this step-by-step video walk thru, you will learn how to do this, as well as set up your Xojo development environment for database development with the most advanced database for Xojo development and work with remote databases on Valentina Server.

Valentina ADK for Xojo / REALbasic download files include both Valentina DB ADK and Valentina Reports ADK. Valentina DB ADK for Xojo lets you embed the ultra-fast, royalty free Valentina Database into your applications. Valentina Reports ADK lets you embed cross-platform reports in your business applications with support for grids, tables, charts, graphs and more.

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