[iOS] iValentina 5.4 for iPhone and iPad available from iTunes AppStore

This release have few minor fixes:

  • fixed showing events for databases with white spaces in name;
  • fixed issues on device orientation change in iOS 6;
  • fixed showing values of Double fields in iOS 6.

You can download this iOS application to manage your Valentina Server(s) for:

[NEW] VStudio + iValentina now sync bookmarks using iCloud

We have made first step to support iCloud technology from Apple.

Now Valentina Studio for MAC OS X (and only one, which is download from MacAppStore) will have iCloud prefs pane, that allows you to specify what to synch in the iCloud. For now this is bookmarks and resent connections to db servers.

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[ANN] iValentina 4.9 for iPhone and iPad APPROVED. FREE.

iValentina v4.9 was approved today.

You can use get it for FREE here: iPhone iPad

What’s New in Version 4.9

* Added TAB panels
* Added Keyboard Extension to type faster SQL commands
* Compiled against 4.2 SDK, so
* Added Multi-tasking support
* Added Table Editor
* Improved a lots speed of Table Editor thanks to caching in VCLIENT.

[NEW] iValentina 4.9 gets TAB-panels

We have add to iValentina 4.9 TAB-panels, what allow you easy and immediately switch between different views to the same database or even work with different servers or databases at the same time.

Also you can tap and wait on some schema object to see contextual menu, that give you choice to open that object in a new TAB panel.