[IMPROVE] FTP Folders for Valentina Products (32/64/OS)

Since we have constantly growing number of Valentina products, supported OS and now 64-bit versions, we have got quite big number of files for single folder.

From now we will change organization of a release folder. It will contains sub-folders

  • lin32
  • lin64
  • mac32
  • mac64
  • win32
  • win64

So you can easy locate sub-set of products required for your OS and Bits.

[NEW] 64-bit ADK added to MAC OS X: C++, Cocoa, PHP

We introduce our first 64-bit ADKs for MAC OS X:

  • Valentina for C++ (VSDK)
  • Valentina for  Cocoa (V4CC)
  • Valentina for  PHP Standalone (VPHP)

It is clear that we cannot make V4RB, V4REV and such to be 64-bits because their IDEs do not support this.

Next our step in this direction, will be introduction of 64 bit ADKs for Windows, VSDK, VNET, …

MAC 64 bits – introducing vcomponents_x64 for ADKs/x64

Yesterday I have try to make installer of VPHP_Standalone_x64, which could be our first 64-bit ADK,  and have realize that it is not good idea keep in the same /usr/local/lib/vcomponents both 32 and 64 bit DLLs.

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