[VStudio PRO][MAC][NEW] Import XCODE Models

We have add a new great feature into Valentina Studio PRO:
Import XCODE model  into Valentina Database Schema.

Import Wizard allows you to specify for each link between tables its kind to be one of:
Foreign Key, ObjectPtr or BinaryLink.

Details please read on this Valentina WIKI page

[VReports][NEW] Improved HTML, Picture Controls

On users request we have made the next major improvements in Valentina Reports:

  • HTML Control now can get HTML text/content from:
    • TEXT typed directly in the control
    • FIELD of cursor
    • by URL from a FIELD of cursor
    • URL (local or remote)
  • Picture Control now can get a picture from:
    • FIELD of cursor
    • URL from a field of cursor
    • URL (local or remote)
  • HTML text can contain a macro $() to, for example, refer another field

You can see details on the following pictures.

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