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0006786VALENTINA STUDIODump (SQL)public2015-12-16 19:37
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Summary0006786: PostgreSQL lock_timeout is 9.3 only feature
DescriptionWhen dumping a postgres database, no matter which version you have, the ddl created always seems to have the following line near the top:

SET lock_timeout = 0;

The lock_timeout is something that was added in 9.3 (latest version), and it blows up on all older instances of postgres which requires me to comment/delete the line every time I export. It would be preferable to:

a) Configure the dump tool to define what meta commands you want or don't want
b) Have Valentina be smart about the dump -- knowing which version you have
c) Manually configure the dump for a specified version of the RDBMS and have the tool act accordingly
Steps To ReproduceCreate a SQL dump of a postgres database pre-9.3 release. See lock_timeout statement is there. Try to execute the DDL -> fails on that statement.
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Working with DB:postgreSQL Server
Version of your DB9.1




2015-12-16 19:37

reporter   ~0008633

The Valentina Studio has static linkage with the last version of pg_dump. So we can't to exclude this statement from the result script - it is a fully responsibility of pg_dump.

We will consider ability to change PostgreSQL binaries in runtime.

As temporary option you can remove this string from the script manually - it is a common advise in this situation.

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