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0008150VCOMPONENT-VKERNELDiagnosepublic2017-12-17 12:51
ReporterBeatrix Willius Assigned ToIvan Smahin  
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Summary0008150: Make diagnosis run so that it doesn't block everything
DescriptionWhen doing a diagnosis the pizza of death is showing and the app shows up as "not responding" in the activity viewer. I already use a thread

dim theDiagnoser as new DiagnoseThread(theDatabase, Silent)

while not DiagnoseFinished or theDiagnoser.State = Thread.Running
  app.SleepCurrentThread 100
NotificationManager.RemoveReceiver self

and in the thread

  if theDatabase.Diagnose(VerboseLevel, theDiagnoseFile) then
    'database is okay
    NotificationManager.Post "DiagnoseFinished", "Success"
  'and so on

Change this so that the diagnosis doesn't show the pizza of death.
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