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Unicode and Vertical Labels

Hello, I got two questions: 1. I would like to print the tick (✔) and crossmark (❌) unicode characters in a label control. They are displayed correctly at design but become small squares during preview. 2. Is it possible to print labels in vert...
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How to change the image url (local or remote) path from Xojo?

I don't know if this was asked before. I am using Studio Pro to design my reports and execute it from Xojo. I would like to change the URL path of the image in the report at runtime. Thank you in advance!...

Report not printing on a site (Xojo + Valentina)

Hello, On a Xojo application I print using Valentina Reports ADK (latest version). Now on all my test machines works fine. On a specific site I get "Report Error 611604: Datasource error: "[FreeTDS] Unable to connect: localhost :: worktime...

user Reports with python

Hi Valentina adk can use with python i am moving out from xojo...

Using VCursor Casting Field Methods in LiveCode

Hello, I am having difficulty figuring out how to use the VCursor Class Casting Field Methods in LiveCode. If I use the VCursor_Field() method, then everything works fine. However, if I attempt to use, for example, VCursor_UShortField() then I ...

That adk I must install for xojo 2018.

Hi all. We have valentina 6.013 as server of reports on ubunto server 14, the applications are developed with xojo 2016. We are about to migrate valentina server 7.4.2 on ubuntu server 14 to access with xojo 2018 in windows 64. What version ...

Cannot use [ and ] as escape character in Valentina v8

Hello, Moving from a previous release, where all is working well, I wonder I cannot use "[" and "]" as escape character in Valentina v8. These SQL queries produce an error : SELECT [My field name] FROM myTable SELECT myField...

Error 0x71000 - unexpected end of file when attempting to create table

I am using Valentina ADK 8.3.2 with LiveCode. I created a database using Valentina Studio. The database has one table. I created a snapshot of the database and have code in my program to create the database, if it is not found. The SQL commands...

Valentina 8.3.2 Adds New Image and Link Objects to Valentina Forms; Other Fixes and Improvements

Paradigma Software Valentina 8.3.2 adds new controls to Valentina Forms for working with images and hyperlinks, plus additional improvements. Valentina Studio / Studio Pro [New][Form Editor] The HyperLink control opens a default browser window ...

How do I duplicate a record

Hi, I have an invoice system. But for doing credit note, I have to make a new invoice, ref to old, but when making a new invoice I wold like to copy all info I had in the first one, and maybe just change one field.... so how do I i.e.: copy all in...

Valentina Studio + Mojave

Is there an ETA for a Valentina Studio version that works for Mojave? From I read Apple "improved" the subpixel rendering. Unfortunately, this makes ALL text barely legible. Regards Beatrix Willius...

How to tell the remote VServer host OS?

The ADK is superb working oblivious the VServer native OS and allowing among other things remote administration. However there is a catch: when defining scheduled events, for example like making daily backups there is often necessary to provide the ...

SQL statement: "USE databasename" not working?

Hi, I am trying to understand how I am supposed to use the SQL statement: "USE database-name" in context of both VStudio and VServer. I am attaching three screen-shots to illustrate the problem: The first one shows the list of dat...

ErrString is not readable

I am attempting to open a database in a LiveCode project. The VDatabase_Open() method returns error 0x59502. When I attempt to retrieve the VDatabase_ErrString property, the result is not a readable string. (By the way, I am not sure whether the path...

Diagnosis multithreaded

Wanted to test the multithreaded diagnosis. But I still can see the pizza-of-death when doing a diagnosis that is in a thread. Do I need to change anything? Xojo 2017r3, macOS 10.13.6 (latest beta) What exactly does this mean from the release n...
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corrupted vstudio_dynamic_x64_8_lin.deb

In addition to dowloand take hours to download on 3 different types of internet and computers with different OS, the .deb x64_lin file generates error when using sudo dpkg -i vstudio_x64_8_lin.deb, it is corrupted. The downloadas were made through th...

Valentina 8.3.1 adds Records tools for Forms, Improvements to SQL Editor, PostgreSQL

Paradigma Software Valentina 8.3.1 adds new records features for forms, sub-forms and tableviews, SQL editor and schema editor improvements. Valentina Studio Pro [New][Form Editor] - add 'records' property for Form, Sub-form and Tableview [New][F...

Problem with Valentina Plugin Xojo

Can you suggest me an installer that is combatible with xojo 2016.r3 and an installer that is combatible with xojo 2018.r11. The procedure i follow is the following: Download installer, run it, then take Valentina plugin from Document\Paradigma and...

Installer Valentina Xojo 8.3 still 32bit

Valentina for Xojo works nicely as 64bit. But the vintage installer still is 32bit. Please change this to 64bit, too. Do you want me to do a Mantis issue for this? Regards Beatrix Willius...
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Report output does not follow the query result

I have a report which the query result different from the actual output. Check the screen shot. The query result show that in correct order: itemCode: 0001 -> 0013 But when the actual report output, the order is incorrect: 0013 -> 0001 ...

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