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SQL Editor CTRL + SHIFT + Z Redo shortcut not working some time

Hi, I noticed that when i create a new SQl Editor, the CTRL + SHIFT + Z Redo shortcut does not work sometime. It will only work a while after I select the Redo from the menu, and then stop working again after i switch to another SQL Editor tab an...

Xojo 2018r2 MacOSX crashes when compile V4RB examples

I purchased the Omega Bundle and have downloaded the components for both Mac and Windows. While working my way through the examples, I've been able to compile and run them fine on the Windows machine, but on the Mac it creates a hard crash as the d...

Omegabundle for Xojo 2018 Developer Tools Bundle EXTENDED; Save 89% on Top Tools

Get the top developer tools and third party components for the Xojo cross-platform development platform for a limited time for over 89% savings. UPDATE 8/7/2018: Omegabundle for Xojo 2018 Extended! Omegbundle for Xojo 2018 is a collection of 13...
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Load Dump is taking a long time to complete

Hi, I tried to load the dump generated earlier with VStudio and it took a long time to complete. It is because the dump generated by VStudio uses multiple INSERT to insert multiple data (i had 50K row to insert, this took a few minute). Is i...
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Cannot restore foreign key with Drop Before Restore selected in Create Dump

Hi, I am getting the following error when restoring the dump created with Drop Before Restore option enabled. Error in query (1091): Can't DROP FOREIGN KEY `fk_address_book_postal_code_list`; check that it exists The database does exist befor...
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Forms - duplicated renamed form

Hi, This may be user error ... but in case, it isn't. I created a form that has a TableView with a query as its source. I liked the results and duplicated, using Duplicate, the form. I renamed the duplicated form. I edited the duplicated form:...
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DROP DATABASE option in Create Dump.

Hi, currently there is no option to include drop database sql into the dump, the existing Drop before restore option does not include dropping the database....

Valentina Release 8.3.8 Improves Query and SQL Editors in Valentina Studio; Other Improvements to ValentinaDB

Paradigma Software Valentina 8.3.8 is a general update providing fixes and improvements in the free Valentina Studio, Valentina Studio Pro and ValentinaDB. Valentina Studio / Studio Pro Valentina Studio is the free, all purpose database managemen...
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Created Dump default value issue

Hi, When i try to restore the dump created by VStudio, I got the following error: Error in query (1067): Invalid default value for 'country_code' Upon checking, i noticed that the default value contain the escape character(\'): `country_code`...
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SQL Editor failed to execute CREATE PROCEDURE

Hi, I can't seem to execute the following create procedure in the SQL Editor. DELIMITER ;; CREATE PROCEDURE `GetAllPhoneBook`() BEGIN START TRANSACTION; SELECT * FROM phone_book; COMMIT; END;; DELIMITER ; I got the followi...
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Rearrange item in select tab of Query Editor

Hi, is there a way to rearrange the item sequence in the select tab of the Query Editor? Currently it seem i can only swap the position of 2 item, i had to do a lot of swapping to get an item to the position i want....

Misencoded data makes hard crashes

I'm having fun with misencoded data. Should theCursor.Field("OriginatorFrom".setString(App.MailFields.OriginatorFrom) make a hard crash when the data in App.MailFields is misencoded? Crash log: Thread 27 Crashed: 0 libvshared_...

Valentina Database & Reports ADKs with PureBasic via C Lib

If you are using either Valentina DB ADK or Reports ADKs with PureBasic, we now have a dedicated page on the Paradigma Software wiki discussing how to make use of Valentina C ADK for this purpose....

reports to xojo

Im a license user of valentina studio pro. I want my reports to be use with in xojo. I am using MYSQL, MSSQL and SQLite database. Is there anything should I buy such as plugin so that I can embed it to xojo? Please help...

Arrays in stored procedures

Is it possible to use an array variable in a stored procedure? The SQL Editor lets me create the following DECLARE statement but I am unable to determine how to set or get the elements of the array. DECLARE v_days_of_week BOOLEAN[7]; -- This ...
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Save & Resume VStudio work space setup

Hi, Is it possible to save the current work space setup and resume when the VStudio is reopened? Currently, I had to re setup everything every single time I reopen VStudio....

PureBasic - Valentina Report preview on a CanvasGadget()

I'd like to be able to show preview of a report on PureBasic's CanvasGadget() in the same way you can with Xojo on a Canvas and I'm pondering how that can be achieved. PureBasic has a CatchImage(imageID,*buffer,size) command that enables you to gr...

Package architecture doesn't match system

I'm trying to install Valentina Server on a Debian system. I hope I have downloaded the correct file. When installing with dpkg I get the error message: package architecture (ARM) doesn't match system (i383). The server was downloaded today as Valent...
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License keys: Where are they for?

I purchased the Omega Bundle 2018 and received a set of license keys. Can you please explain the different kinds of keys: Where are they for? V4RB... (3 times) VR4RB... (3 times) VSPRO (I think this is Valentina Studio) VSRV... Thank you in ...

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