1. Ruslan Zasukhin
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  3. Sonntag, August 27 2017, 11:35 AM
  4.  Abonnieren via E-Mail
This release on 8/27/2017 provides several fixes in Valentina Studio and Studio PRO as well as adds a new, minor feature to Valentina Studio PRO. This release is immediately available from our download page.

Valentina Studio Pro

[New][All] 7879 - Schema Editor can expand/collapse the sub-tree of child objects if you do Option/Alt click on a Tree item.

Valentina Studio

[Fix] 7919 - Delete Multiple Fields From Context Menu Only Deletes one.
[Fix] 8054[MariaDB] - Fix crash on the check of bookmarks after some time.
  1. http://www.valentina-db.com/blog/?p=2127
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