1. Ruslan Zasukhin
  2. BETA Testing
  3. Mittwoch, August 05 2015, 01:35 PM
  4.  Abonnieren via E-Mail
Hi all.

You can download a new build '6.0b26' here:




FAQ about beta and night builds

FAQ about bug reporting
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Ruslan Zasukhin Akzeptierte Antwort
1 [APPLICATION] Tests: corrections for dialog Create Link
2 clean code
3 UI cosmetic
4 [APPLICATION] Tests: corrections for duplicated names
5 fix check for duplicate names
6 add check
7 [VALENTINA] Tests: 1 fixed (2 failed)
8 [VALENTINA] Tests: 2 fixed (3 failed)
9 [VALENTINA] Tests: 1 fixed (5 failed)
10 UI cosmetic
11 fix update values in linked to property QCombpBox
12 [LT] Tests: removed test method
13 [VALENTINA] Tests: (1 fixed, ~21 failed)
14 [VALENTINA] Tests: (1 fixed, ~22 failed)
15 [VALENTINA] Tests: (1 fixed, ~22 failed)
16 [VALENTINA] Tests: (1 fixed, ~23 failed)
17 [VALENTINA] Tests: (1 fixed, ~24 failed)
18 [VALENTINA] Tests: (2 fixed, ~25 failed)
19 [VALENTINA] Tests: (2 fixed, ~27 failed)
20 [VALENTINA] Tests: (1 fixed, ~29 failed)
21 [VALENTINA] Tests: (5 fixed, 30 failed)
22 fix crashes on VStudio exit
23 [APPLICATION] do not exit from application by _exit() function - let Qt finishes work
24 vSQLite - tests for I_SqliteDatabase::get_ConnectionCount(), get_StatementCount(), get_Statement()
25 rollback change
26 attempt to fix crash on finish on exit of the application. QMenus, returned by topLevelWidgets(),...
27 [APPLICATION] revert changes for tests
28 vstudio - new mini parser works in LT now. All existed tests done.
29 [APPLICATON] Tests: try to prevent crahs on test machine - close client connection after each test
30 [LT] corrections to prevent crash
31 [VALENTINA] Tests: corrections (3 fixed)
32 [VALENTINA] Type: corrections (1 test fixed)
33 LoadDump: restored an ability to interrupt sql dump loading
34 [MSSQL] Tests: build fixed
35 [VSTUDIO] visual project: corrections for vresources
36 [APPLICATION] Tests: remove one test
37 [APPLICATION] Object Editor Dialog: unused code was removed
38 [APPLICATION] Object Editor: corrections to support changes in another schema objects
39 [APPLICATION] Dialog Create Link: corrections for tests
40 Return back 2 constants for MS SQL tests.
41 add test for LParserTableAliases
42 clean code
43 clean code
44 fix misprint, optimization
45 vstudio - new files with draft of mini-parser of table aliases. TODO.
46 Cosmetic
47 vSQLite - stub/proxy imps for I_SqliteDatabase::get_Statement()
48 [LT] Test Suite: UI corrections
49 [LT] Model Trigger: corrections for View's trigger
50 vstudio - new files with draft of mini-parser of table aliases. TODO.
51 vSQLite - stub/proxy for I_SQliteDatabase::get_ConnectionCount(), get_StatementCount(), get_State...
52 [LT] Tests: ability to run test only if connection has certain params
53 add addition parameter to method
54 Add method LDatabaseEngine::GetIdents to use with scintilla
55 cosmetic
56 0007195: "About" window looks very simple
57 cosmetic
58 [NEW] in kenrel_test file added mini-Parser to parsee FROM part and extract table aliases. Many t...
59 [LT] Tests: corrections for dialog 'Log Messages'
60 [LT] Tests: small corrections
61 [LT] Tests: try to retrieve message
62 Postgres: fixes for tests. 703 pass, 10 fail
63 Postgres: fix bug, found by test - don't store reference to object which may be destructed
64 win vs test script - added copy of file
65 Postgres: fixed schema tests
66 fixed assert
67 MySQL: fixed tests
68 [VREPORT] Tests: 1) use structures instead of macroces. 2) Throw readable exception
69 MySQL: fixed model tests
70 [MSSQL] tests: corrections for tests with assemblies
71 vSQLite - tests + more fix for nullptr as query text.
72 [VREPORT] Tests: corrected conection options
73 add check to don't execute empty query
74 convert null QString to empty FBL::String
75 cosmetic
76 vSQLite - fix for rare crash in sqlite self when mQuery is NULL (not empty but NULL)
77 small fix
78 add test files to project
79 [MSSQL] Model Field: corrections for generating query - do not try to quote default value
80 remove macros
81 update project
82 [QUERY LOG] UI corrections for windows
83 [VSTUDIO] xcode project: build fixed
84 MySQL: fixed 2 tests
85 fix tests
86 fix test
87 fix tests
88 fix for test
89 [SQLITE] unused code was removed
90 [VSTUDIO] visual: build fixed
91 [SQLDIFF] Tests: 3 fixed
92 [MSSQL] Model Function: (3 tests fixed) corrections to assign default value of function type
93 [MSSQL] Model: corrections for changing DEFAULT value for field (fixed 1 test)
94 [MSSQL] Tests: 1 fixed ~30 left
95 [MSSQL] Tests: 5 fixed ~30 left
96 [MSSQL] Tests: 1 fixed ~35 left
97 [MSSQL] Tests: 1 fixed ~35 left
98 [MSSQL] Tests: 2 fixed ~35 left
99 [MSSQL] Tests: 5 fixed ~35 left
100 [MSSQL] Tets: 1 fixed ~40 left
101 [MSSQL] Tets: 1 fixed ~40 left
102 [LT] LDatabaseObject: do not add unneeded separator to the item menu
103 [QUERY EDITOR] corrections for generating query for COUNT(*)
104 [APPLICATION] skip crashed test
105 sqlite client plugin now gets functions list from sqlite local
106 fix test
107 fix tests
108 fix tests
109 fix tests
110 fix test
111 fix test
112 fix tests
113 fix tests
114 fix tests
115 fix generating query from query editor - use count(*) instead of count(t1.*)
116 fix tests
117 fix assert
118 fix show design dialog for indexes with parent - database
119 fix tests
120 fix test
121 fix test
122 fix check trigger's text
123 fix tests
124 fix test
125 show indexes and triggers under sqlite database
126 fix update 'comment' property for sqlite view, optimization
127 drop old foreign properties on create database
128 fix test
129 small fix
130 assign default value also to field description on parse create table statement
131 use QList to collect lists to update instead of std::set (to keep order)
132 auto update local SQLite database
133 always auto update sqlite database for local connection
134 optimization
135 [LT] Tests: corrections for mac
136 VReport: skip 5 tests which show bugs
137 [LT] Tests: remove one test from schema object - now it should be part of model tests
138 ReportEditor: fix update fields list after query creation in wizard
139 DataEditor: fixed alignment in the new row
140 [MSSQL] Tests: 12 fixed
141 SQLite: fix to show filtered values in Data Editor
142 [VSTUDIO] xcode project: added new file to LT
143 [VSTUDIO] visual project: new file was added to LT
144 [MSSQL] Tests: new interface was used in tests - 40 tests fixed
145 [LT] interface I_LEngineObject was added
146 [MSSQL] Tests: 2 fixed
147 fix update column if use step-parent as root
148 UI cosmetic
149 don't call delayed actions during single-thread task execution
150 [MSSQL] Tests: 3 fixed
151 [MSSQL] Model: corrections for generating query for UNIQUE flag of Field
152 fix update OK button in fields editor
153 UI cosmetic
154 fix - don't expand checkbox in header
155 [APPLICATION] Dialog Create Link: revert support schemas
156 fix edit unique fields
157 update project
158 visual - new files added for SQLite plugin
159 xcoe - more new files added
160 xcode - new files added
161 optimization to read checks and uniques for SQLite tables
162 fix script
163 win script - run with params
164 visual debug app target now copies also QT dlls (without plugins) to make start under Jenkins.
165 optimization
166 [MSSQL] Tests: 1 was fixed
167 [MSSQL] Tests: 1 was fixed
168 [MSSQL] Tests: 2 was fixed
169 [MSSQL] Tests: 1 was fixed
170 [MSSQL] Tests: 1 was fixed
171 use single query to load tables and views on open sqlite database
172 optimization
173 [APPLICATION] format code
174 vSQLite - no ERR_SQLITE_UNEXPECTED_SQLEXECUTE in "batch" sqlExecute-like methods.
175 polish
176 [SQLITE] build with visual was fixed
177 [MSSQL] Tests Assembly: 3 tests was fixed
178 win - attempt to make cout << of command line params for tests. Yuri cn you fix this?
179 update functions list
180 execute pragmas in a single query
181 win scripts added on top visual bat call
182 more echo added
183 changed line endings
184 clean build script added
185 echo added
186 small fix
187 SQLite: save only changed non-persistent properties, load only saved
188 SQLite: use new method to get affected records
189 [MSSQL] corrections to prevent crash
190 [VSTUDIO] Tests: corrections for output encoding
191 SQLite: optimization to load pragmas
192 [VSTUDIO] Tests: crash for auto tests was fixed
193 optimization
194 fix generate query to update all properties of SQLite link
195 fix show readonly list of strings in Property Inspector
196 win - scripts - almost work ...
197 [LT] Drop Object: corrections to prevent crash on drop object
198 [VALENTINA] Schema: removed assert
199 [NEW] vSqlite - SqliteQueryResult::get_AffectedRecords().
200 [LT] Corrections for getting menu for group of LTreeItem
201 [NEW] minor fix for I_SqliteDatabase::GetPragmaValues()
202 [NEW] fixes + test for I_SqliteDatabase::GetPragmaValues()
203 updated xcode project
204 visual - new file added into sqlite_client plugin
205 visual - new file added into sqlite plugin
206 [VSTUDIO] xcode project: removed unsed file
207 [VSTUDIO] corrections for visual: macro QT_NO_DEBUG added. The warning "conditional expression is...
208 [LT] Tests: tests for LDate was added
209 [LT] LDate: corrections formatting on windows
210 MSSQL: execute a batch specified number of times
211 fix reload properties of SQLite link
212 optimization
213 add -DQT_NO_DEBUG to release compile options
214 cosmetic
215 fix add FK for sqlite tables
216 use parser to update fields lists for SQLite
217 [NEW] stub/proxy for I_SqliteDatabase::GetPragmaValues()
218 [NEW] prepare for I_SqliteDatabase::GetPragmaValues()
219 fix crash, add additional checks as guard + optimization
220 optimization
221 update icon
222 UI cosmetic
223 SQLite: auto-update db only when needed, fix build
224 [LT] small fix
225 0007185: Save/Save all
226 [LT] corrections to escape unicode string properly
227 [QUERY EDITOR] corrections for AllFields
228 [QUERY EDITOR] fix crash
229 [VSTUDIO] format code
230 [MSSQL] suppress error message on internal updating
231 [LT] Lask Load Dump: UI corrections for dialog vsDumpErrorDialog
232 [MSSQL] corrections to process query with many errors
233 [VALENTINA] Model: small format code
234 [MSSQL] Corrections for generating query
235 0007189: File->Save (Save all) produces empty file
236 expand items on apply filter to tree
237 fixed build
238 add tooltip for logs
239 optimization
240 SQLite: use SqlExecute to finish transaction
241 cosmetic
242 add button to clear console
243 delect 'begin' in multi-statement query to force finish transactions for SQLite
244 fix generate idents for SQLite
245 detach object from list on drop
246 refactoring
247 fix find object in scintilla by name
248 avoid useless updates
249 cosmetic
250 hide unused tabs in SQL Editor console
251 UI cosmetic, small fix
252 win vstudo tests scripts polish
253 set Make Dump... above Load Dump... TODO: create updatable action for them to enable/disable when...
254 fix build
255 removed unused code
256 fixed misprint
257 MSSQL: added task to load dump in batches. TODO: implement GO syntax completely
258 [LT] corrections for tests
259 [MSSQL, VALENTINA] show method text in custom editor in the Schema Editor
260 [MSSQL] Dialog Create Function: UI corrections
261 win vstudio test script - more code added [no_build]
262 [MSSQL] Data Editor: corrections to support Methods properly
263 [MSSQL] Dialog Create Type: UI corrections
264 [MSSQL] Dialog Create Synonym: UI Corrections
265 win script of vstudio tests. improve.
266 updated Xcode project
267 UI cosmetic
268 UI cosmetic
269 UI cosmetic
270 UI cosmetic
271 fixed build
272 fixed visual project
273 implement sizeHint for EditorList
274 auto resize columns on update editor's items
275 remove assert
276 vClient_tests - minor fix for linux
277 sort collations list for sqlite databases
278 small fix
279 remove linking to clntsh
280 changes to edit index'es fields
281 refactoring
282 [APPLICATION] Dialog Create Sequence: correctiosn for schemas. TODO: custom editor for property P...
283 [APPLICATION] Dialog Create Link: corrections for link between schemas
284 [MSSQL] Dialog Create Funcrion: UI corrections
285 [LT] LDatabaseEngine: do not show menu item Generate SQL->Rename... if property NAME is readonly
286 [MSSQL] Dialog Create Schems: corrections for generating query
287 [LT] LDialogCreateProperty: UI Corrections
288 [MSSQL] Dialog Create Assembly: UI corrections
289 win fix in the script
290 echos added into script. [no_build]
291 win vs tests script fixes
292 [MSSQL] use methods QuoteName and SchemaScopedName instead of direct quote symbols
293 Fix for win vClient_tests.
294 [MSSQL] coorections for schema scoped name
295 [MSSQL] corrections for data editor - processing data in different schemas
296 [MSSQL, POSTGRE] corrections for links
297 new script improve
298 New script to update beta version directly from Jenkins.
299 win - fixes for vclient_test project.
300 LoadDumpWizard: fix to allow entering new database name, when there are no DBs on server
301 Fix for linux vclient_tests project
302 [POSTGRE] corrections to prevent crash on deleting object
303 win script fix
304 win fix script
305 win - fixed path in script
306 [APPLICATION] Tests: turn off crashed tests for dialog Create Link
307 win script - more ECHO added.
308 [QUERY EDITOR] Discard ability to save query for non Pro version
309 script improve - copy V4RB.so only if exists folder /media/sf_mshare/v6/V4RB
310 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release/6.0' into develop
311 Finish 5.8.5 + 5.8.6
312 fix in the win script [no_build]
313 win - vserver - fixed debug target
314 DataEditor: fixed crash on win, replaced pixel constants
315 win - vstudio tests script corrections
316 [APPLICATION] Ability to drop objects from muliple selection
317 [MSSQL] Dialog Create Database: UI corrections
318 [LT] correction for win
319 fixed layout of search-replace panel on mac
320 add common editor for index'es fields, TODO: add for plugins with additional properties
321 don't use temporary files
322 remove assert
323 sort renamed children before generate queries
324 [APPLICATION] Run Refresh in task
325 [VSTUDIO] old code removed
326 don't delete objects immediately after removing from list
327 small fix
328 first steps to add ability to generate single query to update object
329 fix update indexes/uniques on change SQLite's field flags
330 supress warnings from update-mime-database
331 add test
332 fix parse quoted names
333 UI cosmetic
334 [APPLICATION] Query Result: UI corrections
335 [LT] fixed build on mac
336 [APPLICATION] UI corrections for wizards Create/Load dump for win
337 fix show menu for some items in Schema Editor columns mode
338 [LT] text for 'ask' dialog was corrected
339 fix test
340 fixes to start vstudio after installation with qt5.5
341 win - more text added into scripts to test vstudio
342 [VALENTINA] Server Admin: small fix - unused variable was removed
343 DataEditor: added updates of mark all checkbox
344 DataEditor: added updates of mark all checkbox
345 update scripts to build packages
346 fix link on linux
347 remove executable flag from icon to fix rpmlint error
348 SQLite: disabled test
349 fix for return types list in create function dialog
350 removed assert
351 [LT] UI corrections
352 [QTK] set No as default button for qtk::ask
353 [VSTUDIO] corrections to fix crash after DEMO expired
354 win - scripts for vstudio and tests [no_build]
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Johnny Harris Akzeptierte Antwort
VStudio 6.0b26 is much better than the previous beta, but it still seems slow.

Huge difference when creating or modifying SQLite databases.
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Ruslan Zasukhin Akzeptierte Antwort
You mean that now is much faster
* open of db
* create and modify db schema

But still slow some other operations? which exactly?
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Ruslan Zasukhin Akzeptierte Antwort
Johnny? please provide us more details what is slow yet?
Sergey says that port your test server is closed now, so we cannot find this slow place.
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Johnny Harris Akzeptierte Antwort
Opening the data editor or the design window still take a considerable amount of time.

I removed version 6 from that server and went back to 5.8. I didn't realize anyone was still working on it.

I'll PM you with details to a different server shortly.
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Johnny Harris Akzeptierte Antwort
SQLite Database: Opening data editor was slow, but design window opened quickly.

Valentina Database: Both data editor and design windows open slow.
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Johnny Harris Akzeptierte Antwort

I just sent you a PM with details to my test server you and Sergey can use.

Let me know if you have problems.
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Ruslan Zasukhin Akzeptierte Antwort
What you name as "Design window"?

Dialog where we can Create/Edit/Design table? yes?
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Johnny Harris Akzeptierte Antwort
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