1. Ruslan Zasukhin
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  3. Montag, Juni 15 2020, 09:07 AM
  4.  Abonnieren via E-Mail
Hi Xojo Developers,

Information for you, and maybe issue to discuss. About year ago Xojo introduced in new API 2.0 few new methods

Database - ExecuteSql() and SelectSql()
Statement - ExecuteSql() and SelectSql()

According to docs of Xojo, these new methods must throw an exception on error.

But we see in the sources of MySQL plugin that this is made only for Stmt methods.
We made so far the same for our Valentina and Sqlite RBDB API.

I think this can be a "bug" in MySQL plugin, and Xojo team sooner or later should fix this.
Then we also will do the same ...
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