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Dale Geschrieben in:

Lost My License of VStudio Pro

I have a Visual Studio Pro v8 license. I downloaded and installed the latest version for evaluation purposes then I removed the newly installed several days after. My VStudio 8 license doesn't work now....
Helen Geschrieben in:

Going to start using Valentina

Hi! I'm on my way to start using Valentina in my work. To make the final decision I need your help. Haven't found some info that I'm interested in. Could you please help me? Is there in Valentina a report viewer that could be embedded into the appli...

Valentina 12.5b10 - introduces VStudio Mac ARM and QT6. LATEST - b24 uploaded.

Hi Everybody, You are welcome to try our 12.5b10 build. The main changes: 1) Valentina Studio switched to QT6 2) The Mac version of VStudio is now compiled with the ARM option. 3) Valentina...
Dat AUDUONG Geschrieben in:

Can't connect to Azure SQL

I can't connect to Azure SQL Database. Error Message: Server was not found or was not accessible. PS: I have tried from other tool like, dbeaver, azure data studio, ssms (all is working). I have also tried one of the recommended from valentin...
federico cappa Geschrieben in:

preview problem in studio and qr problems

Hello, I am having two problems with Valentina Reports: 1. The preview does not work in Linux Mint XFace, I can edit the report but when I try to preview it, the progress bar never ends. 2. When I create a Qr code from a text field in SQLite, it w...

Having a hard time creating a Diagram for the Schema

Hi, I use Valentina Studio Pro 11.3.1 (64-bit). I would like to created a diagram for the schema and be able to print it so it's readable. First problem, there is no way to specify paper size, only Pixel size. I had Studio auto generate the ...

How to introduce VSerialsPack for Valentina Studio for free: the new Linux

I installed VStudio on Debian 10 with synaptic. I run and the window pops up for a while/flash and then it disappears. My guess is that need to introduce VSerialsPack for Valentina Studio for free: new Linux somewhere from command line? I kindly ask...
Joost Smits Geschrieben in:

Editing records containing password hashes in MySQL with Valentina Studio

I tried to find an answer to this question but did not find it. I have a table storing user names and hashed passwords (php password_hash), and some other fields in MySQL. I can add a user with such a password, which typically start with $2y$ , bu...

don't connect to my database

Hello, can you help me please? When I try to connect with my base (open with another device), I see this status with another symbols 'critical error', I don't undarstand the problem. What is it? Thank you!...
Jak Woj Geschrieben in:

Syntax highlighting + problem with colour change in dark mode MacOS

Hello, new user of Valentina Studio Pro here. I have one question and i think i've found a bug. OS: MacOS 11.2.3 - Valentina Studio Pro 11.2.2 (64-bit) question: is it possible to import custom syntax highliting to the SQL editor - for instance Xc...
Petar Geschrieben in:

Parentheses around functions error

In SQLite field If I use default value as for example - DateTime('now') I need to put them in surrounding parentheses like: (DateTime('now')). After inserting, program showing value without them, so on every edit I need to surround value again with ...
Shawn Kanyer Geschrieben in:

Postgres logs not readable

I'm using Obsidian Coast and fusion theme. In Postgres the server admin > logs, the text area is pink and the text is not visible. If you look real hard at the pink text area you can kind of see there is text there. The text can be read only when ...
Roger Geschrieben in:

csv ord dump from Valentina Studio

Hello I try to make an export in Studio. Every time I have my exportet csv (or xls file) the order from the columns is an other. How can I make an export with every time the same column order? - Not rows! Greetings Roger...

Auto-complete for variables

Does the Single license have auto-complete for variables (DECLARE's and SP parameters)?...

Attention: Please disable in Valentina Studio option - send crash logs

Hi Everybody, * We have move to a new host-provider, and they have more strict rules with SMTP email sending. This have break our mechanism of sending crash logs in Valentina Studio. * Yet problem can be that this host provider can block fast...
Shawn Kanyer Geschrieben in:

Slow Downs and CPU Spikes

After this last update, I am seeing large slow downs while trying to open a Postgres database. When expanding the public folder, I've seen it lock up my pc for a few minutes and the studio become unresponsive. And I've also seen it expand showing m...

Flatpak or Snap?

Are there any plans to offer Valentina Studio for Linux at Snap Store or Flathub? Thanks...

[New] video: Valentina Studio - Data Editor - Filters

Hi Valentina Studio users, we have a new video about usage of Filters in a Data Editor to search for records without SQL. Even if you use Valentina Studio for a long time, I am sure you will find new info in this video
Kevin Geschrieben in:

Unable to load the form. Invalid data.

Hi, Forms that work in 9.7.4 are now displaying "Unable to load the form. Invalid data." in 10.2 and 10.4.5. Studio Pro 64-bit. Windows 10. Thanks, Kevin...

Omegabundle for Xojo 2020 Developer Tools Bundle Final Extension through Labor Day Weekend

Get the top developer tools and third party components for the Xojo cross-platform development platform at a huge savings. Omegabundle for Xojo 2020 is a collection of the most useful tool sets, add-ons, digital books and components for use with X...
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