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All diagrams but one lost, and no way to persist any new one

Hi, I am using the latest release of Valentina Studio Free v12.2.1 (64-bit) on macOS 12.3 with an SQL Server 2019 database and I am really pissed off since I have lost almost all my database diagrams. They are all empty of any tables or views exc...

Runtime error in Monterey

Using Xojo plugin 11.4.3 in Monterey -> no problem. But when I try to run in Monterey I get a Valentina runtime error, and upgrading to the current Valentina release doesn't fix it. I've uploaded a screen snap of the error....

Same license on different OSs

I'm currently working on different OS, mainly Linux and Mac. If I buy a Valentina Studio Pro license for Linux, may the same license be employed for Mac also?...

ValentinaInit() crash developing C++ Photoshop Plugin Mac

Hi, I made a upgrade from Valentina ADK C++ from version 9 to version 11 to compile my application as Mac universal (x86_64 and arm64). I just replaced the dylib's and update the serials in my application and I get a crash on call 'ValentinaInit'....
Jak Woj Geschrieben in:

Syntax highlighting + problem with colour change in dark mode MacOS

Hello, new user of Valentina Studio Pro here. I have one question and i think i've found a bug. OS: MacOS 11.2.3 - Valentina Studio Pro 11.2.2 (64-bit) question: is it possible to import custom syntax highliting to the SQL editor - for instance Xc...

Why is there a rollback needed if there was not a clean shutdown.

I open an embedded database in my app in Xojo Debugger and if it crashes or I stop the debugger (no clean shutdown) then it will crash on any subsequent VDatabase.Open in either the Debugger or the compiled app If I call VDatabase.CheckRollback() it ...
Charles Geschrieben in:

Is there a dark mode for macOS?

Hi! I've been using Valentina Studio on linux ... and wanted to try it on macOS also. But I see that it doesn't have a dark theme on macOS. Have I missed something and there is a way to enable the dark theme, or does the mac version just not have a d...

Cursor options when used with a local embedded Database

I have some questions about the Cursor options when used with a local embedded Database with Xojo V4RB on Mac OS. 1. What is the difference between cursors on the client compared to the cursors on the server for embedded Database? 2. I got an err...
nimrod Geschrieben in:

100% CPU usage

Valentina Studio is frequently going into %100 CPU (i have 8 cores, I get 800% CPU, probably since it uses all threads it can take). I'm not sure what is the cause of that, I'm using it on MacBook pro with MacOS Sierra and MariaDB: mysql Ver 15....
Tiago Geschrieben in:

Materialized Views

Hi, I'm running Valentina Studio 7.5.4 on a mac, and I'm trying to see the materialized views that exist for a Postgres Schema, but I don't find that anywhere (they're not listed under "views". Is there a feature to see this? Where can I...

Install the Vserver on mac, fails.

Hi, I've had this problem several times. When running the installer, it will not install all files. the vserver_x64 and ini and ini example will not install. I only get 5 items installed: dummy.pem, key.pem, folder-licenses, and stop_me....
Chiara Geschrieben in:

Problem connecting to DB: Login Failed

I upgraded Valentina Studio today and haven't been able to connect to my Azure database since. It was working fine on Friday. Did anything change? I get the error in the screenshot attached. Thanks in advance for any help! Chiara...
Jan Steinman Geschrieben in:

Educational Discounts?

EcoReality Co-op is a not-for-profit co-op organic Permaculture farm in Salt Spring Island's Fulford Valley. We would like to use Valentina Studio Pro in our educational programs, to make propagation charts and plant bed assignments for students, ...
Jan Steinman Geschrieben in:

"pivot" even/odd?

I want to do something like the ability to change the style of even/odd rows, but only by columns; I want to have records with a certain field that is even show up on the left, and records with that field odd to show up on the right. I tried the o...
Scott Geschrieben in:

OS X 10.11.1 Server and Valentina PHP

Here's a word of caution for all the Mac OS X Server SA's who are running Valentina/PHP. El Capitan's "rootless" SIP security protocol removes permissions and access to the "restricted" folders & files. Updating 10.11 also r...

Import bookmarks to 6.0.3

I move the discussion (frome Facebook) on import bookmarks from version 5.8.1 to 6.0.3. I hope that soon manage to solve this problem....

Retina display and scrolling on a mac

Hi! Two questions. 1. Do you plan to update the mac version to be retina display compatible? It's quite blurry on a retina macbook. 2. Multitouch scrolling isn't working in the app for my mac. I have to manually click and slide the scrollba...

I have sade VSDK_64 version 5.7

Way are you not reading my mail I sade: I have downloaded VSDK_x64_5 and fixed the compiling problem. vcomponents folder is ended _x64 and in the xcode project is the Search Paths is vcomponents without _x64....

'TickCount' is deprecated: first deprecated in OS X 10.8

TickCount is deprecated 10.8. Of course you know that the Tickcount rolls over in approximately 2 years 3 months....

Why are not all my records being returned on a simple SQL query

I'm a long time Valentina user for single client applications, but I've decided to play around with using the VServer to see where it might lead. Admittedly, I've not thoroughly read all the documentation but I've gotten some basic things working an...
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