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Graph Database with Valentina - ANSWER

Okay, this thread is ANSWER to another thread with question. I am starting it to give useful information. I think later we need some article about this. So Jurriaan have show me book "Neo4J in Action" where on the first page there discu...

Connect from a Mac to a Windows VServer

Hello, Can someone explain me the steps to connect from a Mac to a server installed on Windows ? I have installed VServer_x64 on a Windows 8 computer. Bonjour service is registered ( as PC-Win8._valentina._tcp.local, according to the log file) ...

Valentina Tutorial

Im now setting up Valentina with Xojo (Hello from the Xojo Community!) Now the plugin is installed and the server is up and running, is there a Valentina tutorial I can follow ? ...
Jochen Peters Geschrieben in:

Page total

how i make to show list invoice for one customer with total of each page. like start a new page for each customer...

Where to report documentation problems

Where should we report documentation problems? This statement is shown in the "REVOKE" documentation but throws an exception. <pre class="line-numbers"><code class="language-markup">REVOKE ALL ON db1 FR...
Scott Geschrieben in:

Binary Links

I am developing a DB using the Binary Link method. In VStudio its very easy to establish the links. But I need to insert data from my web app thru PHP to multiple tables using the Binary Link method and cannot figure it out. I searched the Valen...
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