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federico cappa Geschrieben in:

Valentina studio preview doesn't work on linux

I have got a linux mint 20 (in a new VM) and I've only installed valentina studio (last version) I've made a new simple report and the preview doesn't appear If I save the report and I use it on java adk it works I have a video but i couldn't...
Dale Geschrieben in:

Change Format At Runtime

Hi! I'm using the following: Valentina Studio Pro 8.1 Xojo 2017R3 Windows 10 In the Report Editor, I can format numeric fields as shown on the attached image. Question: Can I change the format at runtime from Xojo? I am developing a web-base...
Trevor Campbell Geschrieben in:

Elements on Report Disappear Sometimes.

I have a report with a subreport. = Report 1.jpg When I preview the report the first page works fine, but then elements of the report randomly doesn't print. Shown Report Page 1 and Report Page 2. I'm trying to figure out what would cause this....
jaume Geschrieben in:


Hello, I'm trying to setup a datasource using a parameter as table name without success. example SELECT * FROM $P(param7) where ID_PRESSUPOST = $P(param9) ORDER BY LINIA I don't know the reason why using parameter as table name fails,...

Report for a Thermal Receipt Printer

Hi Everybody, I would like to use Valentina Reports to print a ticket in an Epson TM20-II Thermal Receipt Printer. This printer uses 80mm Thermal receipts paper rolls. Would it be possible to create a report or ticket with my product list in Valen...
Jay Madren Geschrieben in:

How exactly is print_if_empty supposed to work?

I have never been able to get this setting to work. If I uncheck print_if_empty on any field then it never prints anything for that field. I have to leave it checked on to print the values of that field....

Simple Name / Invoice numbers report

I have a data set that contains multiple records where name field is same, however there are invoice numbers that are different, so Name1 may have 3 records, but 3 different invoice numbers. Then Name2 has 2 Invoice numbers on so on. Name1 Inv...
cid lopes Geschrieben in:

Mysql SET statement

Hello, how do I set a variable session in sql Ex: SET SESSION group_concat_max_len = 1000000; When I associate in the datasource, it returns an error : 08:55:34 SELECT * ,extravios AS InternalReportField0 FROM ( SET SESSION group_concat_max_len...
Rob Maynard Geschrieben in:

Trying to multiply a Summary on a line in Valentina Studio

Hi. I have calculations in my table that sum(dectime) [see screenshot] - I've tried to use it as a basis for other calculations but so far I've not been able. I basically want to take that field (I named it blobbyman) and then manipulate it using ...

Search in the Reports

Hi HOW TO find reports with query example query name is salesQty so how i find all the reports are using salesQTY query...
Scott Geschrieben in:

VReports - Multiple Page Orientation

Is there a way to incorporate multiple page orientations in one report? For instance, I have a standard US Letter portrait report with text, a few fields, blah, blah, but near the end I need to include several US Letter landscape pages with tables...

Report Labels

Hi I need to make a label reports like Address Label 1" x 2-5/8 " any idea about this or examples thanks...
Scott Geschrieben in:

VStudio Locale & Dates with Reports

Using the 7.0.1 VStudio for both a local VDB an VReport (On Windows): In studio the Locale starts out blank and I can't set a specific Locale. I click on the editing pencil and set it to en_US but it will not persist. It remains blank. Design ...
Trevor Campbell Geschrieben in:

Graph Data Labels

I have made a report with a bar graph. It works really well, but the labels on the bottom are running into each other. Is there a way to have the label data to appear vertical instead of horizontal? If the report editor isn't able to do this, maybe t...
PBI Geschrieben in:

Set to 0 the Top and Bottom margins

hi, I need to create a report with some objects near of the four margins ( top, bottom, left and right ). I put these objects at 0 centimeters from the four margins but in preview or when printing, the top and bottom margins are set at about 2 centi...
MIQUEL Geschrieben in:

Valentina Studio HTML Field

Hello, I am creating a report with Valentina Studio. In this report, i use an HTML text field, but i have a problem : When i write the sentence below in my HTML field, the word "blue" should be colored in blue. The sentence : <p...
Jan Steinman Geschrieben in:

Educational Discounts?

EcoReality Co-op is a not-for-profit co-op organic Permaculture farm in Salt Spring Island's Fulford Valley. We would like to use Valentina Studio Pro in our educational programs, to make propagation charts and plant bed assignments for students, ...
Jan Steinman Geschrieben in:

"pivot" even/odd?

I want to do something like the ability to change the style of even/odd rows, but only by columns; I want to have records with a certain field that is even show up on the left, and records with that field odd to show up on the right. I tried the o...
MIQUEL Geschrieben in: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Hello, I have installed the Free Version of Valentina Server on a 64bits Ubuntu 12.04.4 server. I am developing a WebApp on a 32 bits Windows with Xojo 2014 r2.1. When i am in debug, all works fine, but when i want to launch my app on the server,...
Scott Geschrieben in:

Pre & Post Script

For the pre and post scripts area in the Report editor are they fired per rendering or once before/after the report is generated. For example: I preview the report (on average 10-pages) and then in the post script text editor I want to update ...
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