Users of competing database administration tools can sidegrade or competitively upgrade to Valentina Studio Pro or Valentina Studio Pro Universal and save over $99.

 Paradigma Software, the makers of the recently released Valentina Studio Pro 6 database administration and business reports design software announce the immediate availability of a competitive upgrade path to purchase Valentina Studio Pro or Valentina Studio Pro Universal at a discount. Users of competing products can effectively upgrade for the upgrade or renewal price for the product, saving over $99.

Valentina Studio 6 is a standalone database administration tool on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. With Valentina Studio 6, you can work with all major databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, MS SQL Server and Valentina DB. The base product, Valentina Studio 6 is free. Valentina Studio Pro 6 adds additional features including Visual Query Builder, forward engineering database diagramming, SQL DIFF, and a visual reports builder that works with Paradigma Software's Valentina Server 6, an enterprise ready business intelligence server that includes a powerful Reports Server and two database servers. Valentina Studio Pro 6 costs $199, and Valentina Studio Pro 6 Universal, which runs on all three operating systems, costs $399. A free evaluation version of Valentina Server is also available.

Competing products that qualify for the competitive upgrade include Navicat, HeidiSQL, dbForge Studio, SQLite Manager, SQLyog, SQL Maestro, RazorSQL, SQLwave and DBTools Manager. Instructions for getting the renewal or upgrade discount are available on the Paradigma Software website.