The Valentina Studio team has produced a very useful example project that brings together three key Paradigma Software technologies to demonstrate a forms based solution: ValentinaDB, Valentina Forms and Valentina Reports.

You can download the base project as well as the example database at the link below. You can use this as a basis for your own projects and easily enough use some other database, such as SQLite or PostgreSQL instead of ValentinaDB. All together, this illustrates Valentina Forms features such as:


  • Table and form-like data layouts
  • Valentina Report generation and how to trigger the report from a form
  • Exporting a Report to file on disk
  • Viewing a Report in a web browser
  • Generating a Report as a PDF
  • Sending Report in an email
  • Creating custom form preferences
  • Use of utility and startup scripts
  • Use of Image and Image - Field controls

If you have any version of Valentina Studio, you can 'use' the project to interact with the forms, enter data and perform many of the report functions. Valentina Studio Free acts as a free client for this purpose.

If you have Valentina Studio Pro, you can open up and dig into the scripts of the forms, open up and modify the reports or whatever else you might want to do.

Updates to the Project
If you find any issues with the project, feel free to reply here and let us know. If you also have a feature request for the project, we'd like to hear it as well.