1. Steve Albin
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  3. Mittwoch, Januar 27 2016, 05:54 PM
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Using Xojo plugin version 6.2.7. and XOJO 2015r4

I am trying to open a read only database and I expect an error.

The following code:
  valVersion = val(Hex(Valentina.GetDatabaseFormatVersion(brianDataFile)))

returns file not found.

I know the file is "found" because I can see it via the debugger.

I'm trying to test a fix to the error reporting in my app in another section where it has been crashing due to what has been reported as a read only vexception, but now I can't get to it because this line of code reports file not found when I try to test with a read only file.

It occurs to me that maybe the report from my user of the read only error is incorrect and maybe a permissions error.

Is this file not found error a bug in Valentina or am I doing something wrong?
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Sergey Pashkov Akzeptierte Antwort
Hi, Steve,
It is a bug,
Ivan have resolved it already and fix will be included into the version 6.2.8
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