Stephen Sill Geschrieben in:

Valentina studio 14 not installing on rocky 9.4 due to dependency issues

I started up vstudio for the first time in a while and saw that v14 was available, I was using 13. So I pulled 14 and and was going to install it. First I removed 13. When I tried to install 14 I got this. [ssill2@rocky9dev Downloads]$ su...

Restrict search to first or last line of text

I'd have records with a field that contains a list of newline-separated names. In some cases I'd like to find records where the query matches the first name in the list, and others cases where I'd like it to match the last name in the list. I don't w...
marko Geschrieben in:

diagrammer referencing wrong entities when generating sql

Hello, I'm having some problems in the diagrammer when working against a postgresql15 server. There seems to problems with table referencing and it is generating bad sql when hitting the Apply Changes button. This is in studio 13.10 I've tried to...

Valentina 14 Released with Unified Python Support

Forms, Reports & Stored Procedures on Server gain unified Python and JS support. This major release incorporates Python scripting across all major features of the Valentina product line, including Valentina Forms, Valentina Reports and also fo...

Set verbose level for custom Valentina Server installer

I have a custom installer for Valentina Server which works fine. The default verbose level for Valentina ini is 2. Is there a way to change the default verbose level to 1 when installing Valentina Server? I don't want to install an ini file because y...
John Willems Geschrieben in:

MS SQL Server - Documentation Generator not working

In working with the Document Generator in current the version, it appears to not work (limited) with MS SQL server. It only generates limited info for the first table in the database. Effectively one page. When in MySQL it appears to generate all...
Lynn Fredricks Geschrieben in:

Valentina 14.0b15 available for download

Want to give Valentina 14 a try? 14.0b15 is available in the beta download directory. You can especially test out our deeper support for Python throughout the Valentina ecosystem, including Reports, Forms and Server. Please provide us with feedbac...

mac os ARM, and xojo, I'm stuck at 13.3

Hi, I'm doing a rewrite of an older app, and now building it with .vdb as a project file. But on deploying I can only mac my app as x86-64bit, and not ARM (apple silicon for my M1). When trying to build it as universal (xojo), then the app will f...

Anybody have a WANTED FEATURE for Valentina Reports? (or fix?)

Hi All, Do you dream about adding a feature to Valentina Reports that would help improve your solutions? Some irritating bug got you down that you'd like us to prioritize? We are listening. How can we make Valentina Reports better?...
Kenneth Kemp Geschrieben in:

query modifications

I created a query using the Valentina Studio Pro graphical interface. In the SQL Editor I tweaked the Where statement of the generated SQL query. The query works, but I can't figure out how to save it either back to the original or to a new query. ...
marko Geschrieben in:

Valentina with FirebirdSQL

Has anyone used valentina studio to design firebirdSQL databases? I have an application that will used embedded local firebird engine as I need more than SQLite. Can I connect and push sql to create tables via the ODBC connection? Another option ...
Lynn Fredricks Geschrieben in:

Video: Adding a Table of Contents to a Valentina Report

You may have missed it but we uploaded a video to Youtube showing how to add a table of contents to the example Reports project for the Sakila database. Check it out here....

Errors deploying x64 ODBC driver v13

Hello, just started yesterday evaluating ValentinaDb with the target of connecting many users to a SQLite database by ODBC driver. I'd like to point out that vodbc_x64_13_win.exe installs vodbc*.dll in the wrong folder (SysWOW64, should be used for...
Dale Geschrieben in:

Lost My License of VStudio Pro

I have a Visual Studio Pro v8 license. I downloaded and installed the latest version for evaluation purposes then I removed the newly installed several days after. My VStudio 8 license doesn't work now....

Xojo ADK Reporto to CSV

Hi I have some reports working perfects on Xojo, but i need to send reports data to CSV, can this be done or no. thanks...

Regarding the use of DuckDB inside Valentina Studio

At the moment, only DBeaver allows you to work with this excellent DB from the GUI. It turned out to connect to DuckDB via ODBC in the environment VStudio 13.6.1(x64) Windows 11(x64) Download the nightly build of duckdb/v0.9.3-dev1100(windows_amd...

No error message when losing connection to SQLite server

For my server solution I'm using an SQLite database with an FTS table to search in emails. Now and then SQLite loses connection before Valentina Server. Then there is no error message. The code is really simple: try dim thePreparedStateme...

ODBC connection to Valentina Server 13 +SQLite db not working

Environment: - installed a licensed instance of Valentina Server (Windows pc, unmodified standard parameters) - put a SQLite db UTF16LE in the appropriate folder - installed Valentina Studio on Client1 (Windows): VStudio connects to VS...

Valentina Release 13.10 Extends Valentina Reports, ADK & Reports Server

New table of contents generation, scripting, editing, methods, properties and more. A major new feature to all Valentina products incorporating the Valentina Reports Engine is table of contents generation. This update includes HTML reports TOC wit...

Problem calculating date differences in different locales

I'm using this expression to calculate date intervals (e.g. to find all records entered within the last 2 weeks): dateAdded > datediff( now(), '01/01/1904 00:00:00', 'second' ) - (14 * 24 * 60 * 60) However, it works in some locales but not ...

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