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[TIP] Valentina Studio 7.2: Drag & Drop

Pay attention that in v7.2 we have added support of Drag & Drop in Schema Editor to execute easy COPY of objects. You can drag and drop objects of the following types: Domain Enum Localization EnumValue Field Function Index KeyValue M...

[TIP][ValentinaDB] Natural Sort Order - Numeric Ordering

Hi ValentinaDB Developers, A few days ago a question appeared via support to make String field (containing numbers) sort records using those numbers. By default the examples { test-1, test-10, test-2, test-24, test-7, test-27, test-17 } will b...

Graph Database with Valentina - ANSWER

Okay, this thread is ANSWER to another thread with question. I am starting it to give useful information. I think later we need some article about this. So Jurriaan have show me book "Neo4J in Action" where on the first page there discu...
Scott Geschrieben in:

OS X 10.11.1 Server and Valentina PHP

Here's a word of caution for all the Mac OS X Server SA's who are running Valentina/PHP. El Capitan's "rootless" SIP security protocol removes permissions and access to the "restricted" folders & files. Updating 10.11 also r...

[TIP] Where to find prefs of Valentina Studio?

In Valentina Studio it is easy to find where it stored prefs -- open Prefs Dialog and click button "Show On disk". For Windows you will be moved into location: /Users/YourName/AppData/Roaming/Valentina Studio Here you can find f...

[TIP] RecID as a Perfect Machine

A new WIKI page added, which discusses one more reason to prefer Valentina DB: RecID as a Perfect Machine...

[TIP] Server-Side Cursor Advantage

A new WIKI page added, which discusses one more reason to prefer Valentina DB: Server-Side Cursor Advantage...
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