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ADK for PHP: "Unable to load dynamic library"

Hi, I have tried to install "ADK for PHP" on MacOS by following the instructions on the website. All goes well until I try to start PHP on my Mac when I get the following error. What am I doing wrong? Thanks PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Un...
Georg Lacher Geschrieben in:

Error message when creating a link in a diagram

Hello! I'm trying to use Valentina Studio as a new frontend for an existing MySQL database with about 100.000 records. The 10 minutes introduction video helped me a lot. When trying to create a link in the database diagram I got an error message. I...
Trevor Campbell Geschrieben in:

Elements on Report Disappear Sometimes.

I have a report with a subreport. = Report 1.jpg When I preview the report the first page works fine, but then elements of the report randomly doesn't print. Shown Report Page 1 and Report Page 2. I'm trying to figure out what would cause this....

How to test server property "Crash_Reporter_Owner_Email"?

Is it possible to test the server property "Crash_Reporter_Owner_Email"? If yes, how do I do that?...
nieko baarda Geschrieben in:

How can I display fields with value as empty fields ?

In Data Editor all fields without values display <NULL> how can I configure the display so fields with <NULL> display as empty fields ?...

BACKUP DATABASE [TO absolute_path]

What is properly syntax of "absolute_path" I tried: BACKUP DATABASE TO "\\server\share\" but I got error: File E:\databases\\\server\share\.vdb" does not exist....

How to do a custom order in a union

I'm trying to do a union but I can't get the order correct. The table is simple: Mailboxpath, Username are the main fields. The table has a custom sort so that the records sort like inbox sent messages other mailboxes trash I'm showing the ...

Run a script from a form.

Hi, here is what I would like to do, but not sure, if I can... I have Mac with Valentina Studio v.10. I would like to create a form with a button on it. Clicking a button will run a script (AppleScript, Javascript) which will open Word document a...
B M Geschrieben in:

Broken install for v10.0.1 of Valentina Studio Pro?

As I opened my Valentinao Studio today, I was greeted with an upgrade prompt to the latest v10 release which I promptly accepted. I am waiting anxiously for the release that will address laptop with high resolution as current Qt library is inadequat...

Hard to filter databases, tables and fields

First of all, I love Valentina Studio, I tried lots of software but no one like valentina, i'm very thankfull to Paradigma's work. But, I'm stucked at version 5.7.5 Yes, you get shocked because the current version is 10.0! I tried some new ve...
Kevin Geschrieben in:

Query Editor - Copy or Save As

Valentina Studio Pro 9.7.4 (64-bit) Windows 10 (64-bit) SQLite Database Is there a way to copy / duplicate a query made in the Query Editor or open an existing query in the Query Editor and Save As? I like to create simple queries and use t...

Error calling report with xojo 2018 r4 crash

Problems to deploy valentina reports with xojo 2018 r4 dont do anything just crash and close xojo wep app some solution...
Findomo Geschrieben in:

Valentina Project file not found with xojo 2019 release 3

Hi, I am migrating an application from xojo 2019 R2 to xojo 2019 R3 on windows 10 With version 2019 r2 all reports worked fine. We tested all in a preproduction environment With xojo version 2019 r3 and Reports ADK as of january 2020 I get (for al...

Write two reports to a single PDF

I am trying to create a multipage PDF from two reports in Xojo. I am using a BinaryStream with VReport.PrintToBuffer(). The problem is that the second report overwrites the first one. For example, if I do something like this: bs = BinaryStream.Cre...

deleted links are automatically restored

Hello, i'm new in Valentina Studio and make my first steps in this environment. I really like the UI. But i have a really strang issue. Everything is working fine except the deletion of Links. When I want to delete a Link I'm asked if I'm really s...
Scott Geschrieben in:

Related Table Child Record Entry Issue

In VStudio Data Editor, I open a parent table. Then I click on the Show Related Table icon next to the Layout dropdown and the related (child) table shows below. With the parent table selected above, I add a child record in the related table area...
Scott Geschrieben in:

VServer 9.8 Windows x64 Installation Error

I just tried to update my Windows x64 VServers and the installation could not complete because it could not find the file: vcruntime140_1.dll I have never seen this .dll file with a _1 in the name before. I renamed the existing vcruntime140.dl...
Helge Tjelta Geschrieben in:

Binding SQL injection and using % in the WHERE

Hi, I'm finally moving over to binding, and so far so good. But how do I get the % to work... I have F1 LIKE '%"+textinput+"%' and F1 LIKE :1 and also F1 ILIKE :1 works... But how do I use % with values ? F1 LIKE '%':1 d...

Hi i have problems with sqlite db on xojo iOS

Hi I have one DB sqlite with 5 tables and in Xojo 2019r2 it see only one table. if i run this SELECT name AS table_name FROM sqlite_master WHERE type ='table' AND name NOT LIKE 'sqlite_%'; show one table in the iOS app. any idea...
Dale Geschrieben in:

Valentina Studio Pro 8.3.3 crashing

Valentina Studio Pro 8.3.3 report keeps on crashing. Here's the story: 1. In the query I called a stored procedure and tested it (pic 1). 2. Designed a report and preview it (pic 2). So far so good. 3. Now, I disable any calls from the query (p...
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