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Urgent – another issue on the VServer database

My customer is facing another error. Diagnose the table returns this: ==========> Field: customerLogo , type Picture First Segment 846228 of record with RecID = 1 is bigger of the last segment 846227 Problems found! ( Field: customerL...
Tom Carr Geschrieben in:

Hide related tables

Every single time I open a table that has foreign keys, the related tables open up as well. Even after hiding it, it pops again every tiem. I don't think it should be enabled by default: * It takes up half of the screen real-estate * The title ...

Help for print a Report on .NET, using query prepared in VStudo

Hello. Here is my objective: I would like to create a project in Valentina Studio with the database and the query already set in the project, then i would like to call the project on my .NET app (VB.NET) and just print de report that i made before...
Doru Geschrieben in:

Connection to Azure PosgreSQL is it supported?

I downloaded Valentina Studio and it seems that I cannot connect to the Azure PosgreSQL. The user and db name in the connection are different than the default ones and I cannot change them. Is Azure PosgreSQL supported? I looked over the forums an...

Problems with calculations in a table

Hi, I have added a table to my report that summarizes the tax rates of my products (10 or 21%). I have 5 columns in the table with these calculations: Column-1: $F(field1) Column-2: $F(field2) Column-3: = field1 * field2 / 100 Column-4: = f...

Paint each line on Page Body

Hi How i paint the background on the Page Body when condition change. example: if value=F then Paint the line else no paint...

VStudio SQL Editor Parameters not functioning

I have downloaded VStudioPro 8.6 and tried to use the new useful Parameters feature in the SQL Editor window. But unfortunately I always get from MySql a syntax error just around the parameter (see screenshot). My query looks like: SELECT * FROM t...

Adding Page to Report

Hi, I am developing a report that displays a government form. The form is placed on the page as an image and the database fields are placed on the image in the appropriate places. It works fine. Here's the question: The last page of the form c...

Failed to load plugin v4rb_x64.dll

My customers get a 'Failed to load plugin v4rb_x64.dll' error when trying to open my app. I build that app with Xojo 2018r2.0, V4RB_8.2.0 and the error is (right now) on Windows 10. My Innosetup script use this command to install V4RB: Sourc...

Problem with MSSQL

hey i can connect using the code from xojo to MSSQL but no from Reports ADK From Xojo waySqlStr="Driver={SQL Server};Server=localhost;Database=adg;UID=sa;Pwd=1223"...

Xojo 2018r2 MacOSX crashes when compile V4RB examples

I purchased the Omega Bundle and have downloaded the components for both Mac and Windows. While working my way through the examples, I've been able to compile and run them fine on the Windows machine, but on the Mac it creates a hard crash as the d...
Chew LM Geschrieben in:

SQL Editor failed to execute CREATE PROCEDURE

Hi, I can't seem to execute the following create procedure in the SQL Editor. DELIMITER ;; CREATE PROCEDURE `GetAllPhoneBook`() BEGIN START TRANSACTION; SELECT * FROM phone_book; COMMIT; END;; DELIMITER ; I got the followi...
Chew LM Geschrieben in:

Load Dump is taking a long time to complete

Hi, I tried to load the dump generated earlier with VStudio and it took a long time to complete. It is because the dump generated by VStudio uses multiple INSERT to insert multiple data (i had 50K row to insert, this took a few minute). Is i...
cid lopes Geschrieben in:

I installed valentina server on linux with mysql, when I export the report preview to pdf, it generates a blank pdf.

but when I use the server on my local machine, MAC OS, it correctly exports the data in PDF...

Can I drop a primary key in SQL Editor?

Hi everyone, I am unable to drop / recreate a single PK using SQL Editor. Here's a simple test case: CREATE TABLE "public"."parent2" ( "parent_pk2" Integer NOT NULL, "field_ref1" Integer, "fie...

Failed to load plugin (xojo + valentina server 7.4)

Hi I have a 64-bit application, developed in xojo 2018 for run in linux ubuntu 16. I have valentina server reports 7.4 on ubuntu server Install v4rb_x64_8_lin.deb in pc client. In the folder of support libraries for the application I have:...

Issue with SqlExecute when creating both functions and procedures

I am working in LiveCode and am using V4REV 8.3.3. I have been using the SQLDiff tool in Visual Studio to create SQL statements that will allow me to migrate my database from one version to the next. I have been reading the files into a variable a...
gary Geschrieben in:

Report output does not follow the query result

I have a report which the query result different from the actual output. Check the screen shot. The query result show that in correct order: itemCode: 0001 -> 0013 But when the actual report output, the order is incorrect: 0013 -> 0001 ...

Error loading plugins

When I run Valentine Studio show several errors loading some of the plugins. It says "Cannot load library, can't find module". Ir happens with vs_plugin_db_sqlite_client.dll and two more....
cid lopes Geschrieben in:

Mysql SET statement

Hello, how do I set a variable session in sql Ex: SET SESSION group_concat_max_len = 1000000; When I associate in the datasource, it returns an error : 08:55:34 SELECT * ,extravios AS InternalReportField0 FROM ( SET SESSION group_concat_max_len...
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