Valentina Studio Features In Depth

Create and add forms visually, and then your users can work with them in free Valentina Studio.

A form is a visual database object that lets you interact with data in a database application. Most forms are bound forms in that they are associated with queries and database tables. Much like Valentina Reports, Valentina Forms are stored in a Valentina Project file. In turn, a Valentina Project can exist locally on your computer or hosted on Valentina Server.

Your users can open and interact with Valentina Forms using free Valentina Studio. No additional cost is required to make your forms available.

Valentina Form Editor for User Interface Design

Most applications you work with every day work with some form of data, and most use visual user interfaces to make working with data faster and more efficient. A good user interface also makes it less likely to make mistakes. Valentina Form Editor lets you bind queries and tables to controls using a familiar paradigm.

Drag controls from the Toolbox to the Layout Editor.
Layout Editor
Modify controls and objects visually in Layout Editor
Property Inspector
Inspect, modify and update objects in the Property Inspector

Valentina Forms Editor

Your forms can be as simple as basic data entry or as complex as you can imagine.

Valentina Forms also includes Valentina Forms Wizard, which in just a few steps lets you decide immediately or later what the datasources are, and a base default appearance. You can always edit the result to give it the look you want.

Front End for Most Supported Databases

Just like Valentina Reports, Valentina Forms can be data-bound to not only Valentina DB and Valentina SQLite, but also PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server and MySQL.

Form Objects Scripting with JavaScript

Much like Valentina Reports, all Valentina Form objects are fully scriptable with JavaScript. Valentina Form objects including control widgets and layouts, can call default or custom methods you create yourself. Forms support kinds of scripts:

Slot Scripts. Each object has a preset number of user-defined event actions and you can attach scripts that are fired when the the event occurs

User Defined Methods. A method is a sub-routine which performs a certain task and returns the result. Create methods from scratch or duplicate existing ones to make your own custom versions. You can also increase your productivity by accessing saved code Snippets.

Valentina Form Editor Methods

Script Objects. These are independent, named code saved in the project tree. Script object can be imported into slots and methods. Even forms themselves can be imported into such a script.

Valentina Forms support a long list of Classes, Enums, Global Constants, Global Constructors and Global Objects listed under the documentation option.

JavaScript Auto-Completion

Valentina Forms powerful JavaScript Editor features auto-complete for JavaScript Objects and Classes.

Add JavaScript scripts to visual objects in Valentina Forms and take advantage of JavaScript Auto-Complete

Standard & Custom Filtering in Valentina Forms

Data-bound visual controls in Valentina Forms can filter data by one or multiple columns. These include the Combobox, Spinbox, Checkbox, LineEdit and Text edit fields.

The Standard filter combines all values for the filter using the AND operation to generate a query. But you aren't limited to only the Standard filter. You can build custom filters to perform even extremely complex functions.

How does it work? See the documentation.

Delivering Forms to Your Users

Since Valentina Forms are another object that can be stored in Valentina Projects, your users can make use of them in two different ways, both of which do not in themselves add additional costs.

Local Forms & Projects

Hosted Forms & Projects
You can give a Valentina Project to someone who has free Valentina Studio, and that user can start using the forms within. A Valentina Project can be registered on Valentina Server. Use free Valentina Studio to connect to Valentina Server and then use the forms stored on the Server.
Valentina Project Files contain Datasources, Reports & Forms Valentina Server can register Valentina Projects



Design Forms (Evaluation)
Use Forms

Design Forms
Script Forms
Save Forms
Use Forms