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Valentina API Reference

This section contains classes, interfaces, enums, value types and more exposed by Valentina ADKs and Valentina Server.

Individual products may or may not support all APIs. For example, Valentina DB ADKs do not support the Report engine API. See the product documentation of the individual product for more information.

Valentina Types

Database Structure Classes

SQL Classes

Set Classes

Client/Server Classes

Reporting Classes

NEW for v4.0

This section describes general API of VReport class that present in the practically all Valentina ADKs. For OO languages this API implemented as a class with properties and methods. For procedural languages this implemented in the style VReport_MethodName( ReportRef, … ).

Valentina Sqlite

NEW for v6.0

This is API to access 'SQLite Server' and 'local SQLite engine embedded into VShared.dll' for most ADKs except Xojo. For Xojo read here.

KeyValue Classes

NEW for v7.0

The set of classes to work with a KeyValue store in the Valentina Database.