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Properties of Database Class

This page contains properties that VSqliteDatabase class inherits from Database class of Xojo.



DatabaseName as String


The DatabaseName is used with Valentina Sqlite Server to identify the specific database to use on the server.

This property is not used when you work with LOCAL Sqlite database. It uses DatabaseFile instead.

(!) Xojo expects that you specify DatabaseName only before connect(). We have eased this requirement. You can skip databaseName before connect(), in this case connect() just establishes connection to remote Server. After this you can specify databaseName and execute CreateDatabaseFileEx(), OpenDatabaseFile()


// This example assumes that database exists on the server:
dim db as New VSqliteDatbase
db.Host = ""
db.UserName = "sa"
db.Password = "sa"
db.DatabaseName = "mydb.db"
If db.Connect() Then
  // Use the database
  // DB Connection error
End If


Other properties of Database class works in 100% the same way, so we provide direct links to Xojo Docs about these properties: