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Valentina Licensing Scenarios

Valentina licensing is very flexible and customizable to meet your needs and the needs of your customers. Since there are so many options, we set up a specialized FAQ on licensing scenarios based on questions asked by other customers.

Scaling my database app from local only to client-server. What should I know?

Q: I am planning on shipping a product with a local database only in a few months but plan on having a client-server solution within a year. What products should I buy?

A: Porting a local database solution to a client-server solution isn't always difficult. Even if implementing a client-server solution is a year away, you can reduce the number of potential gotchas by planning the local database solution for scalability immediately. For this, you will need at least:

  • Valentina Studio
  • Valentina DB ADK for your target platform
  • Valentina Server FREE

Valentina Server FREE is only for evaluation purposes (except for non-profits and academics), so once you move your project to production you will probably need to upgrade to Valentina Server. If you are going to deploy your client-server solution to clients, then get Valentina Developer Network.