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Valentina for Xojo/REALbasic Installation

Run Xojo with Valentina

After installation you can start Xojo IDE.

V4RB plugin adds to Xojo a set of classes and enumerated types. All Valentina classes start with letter “V”. All enumerated types start with “EV”, which is a shortcut for “Enum of Valentina”.

You can type, for example, 2 letters “va” and get from Xojo auto-completion of the word “Valentina”. You can use this tip for a fast check if Xojo has recognized the V4RB plugin on start.

Usage with Xojo Standard

If you use Xojo Standard, you will need to disable the RBDB features of V4RB because RB Standard does not allow to use them.

To do this, just create any empty file with the name “DisableRBDB” in the Xojo folder. In this case V4RB plugin will not register Xojo Database related features when it is loaded on start of IDE.

TIP: How to check that PRO features was disabled?

  • IF you have done all right, then Xojo Standard will stop show warning dialog about PRO features.
  • Also you can see that in menu “Project/Add/Database” there is no items with Valentina.

Troubleshooting Valentina for Xojo Installation

If you move your installation from one computer to another or make other changes to relative locations of directories, then it is possible the path between Xojo and Valentina for Xojo may be broken. There are several reasons why this may occur, most of which relate to how you have set up Xojo and plugins. These include:

  • The new computer has an incorrect version of the vComponents directory installed, or it is not installed at all
  • The PATH variable which is used to point to the vComponents directory (and therefore, there DLLs stored there) is not set for the new computer

Another consideration is that you have installed a later version of the Valentina components than is supported by the license. For example, if your 12 months of updates ended on August 30, 2019, and you install the Valentina components released on September 1, 2019, then the new components will not initialize. You can still re-install the previous component set to solve this problem.

Reset the PATH Variable for Xojo

You can also reset the PATH variable by removing all of the components and then reinstalling them using the installer. The installer automatically sets the PATH variable correctly.