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Report Editor - Paper Formats

Valentina Studio Pro allows you to create reports with a variety of output paper formats. You can choose one of the common formats aka A4, A3, Arch A, Arch B… , or customize the paper parameters for your purposes.

Paper Formats

You can change the paper format via:

In both cases you will get the menu with list of favorite paper formats. To add or remove some format, you should select the Edit… Item in the list. In the appeared page you can manipulate the existing paper formats or create a new one.

Report Paper Formats

Areas of the page:

  • Top Panel – Displays the name of the project for the current set of formats. And provides the search control for the quick searching the format by name.
  • Categories Menu – Displays the list of available categories of the paper formats. To view one of the categories in the browser just click on its name in the menu.
  • Format Browser – Displays the visual examples of the page format. To add some format to the list (menu) of favorite formats, just turn on the checkbox for selected format. Or for all category of formats.
  • Properties Inspector – Displays the properties of the selected format. Using the property inspector you can Duplicate exists or Delete custom format. Also you can change:
    • The Name of the custom Format.
    • The Width of the custom Format.
    • The Height of the custom Format.
    • The Margin of the custom Format (Top, Left, Bottom, Right).

Create Format

 Page Format Menu

To create a custom paper format go to any category in the format browser, and click “Create New”. A new format will appear in this category. Set the name and assign the needed size and margins for the format. Ok, now you should switch the checkbox on for the new format. After this, you will see the new paper format in the list of favorite formats, and you can apply it to some report of your project.

Duplicate Format

The report engine allows you to create a new paper format using the existing as template. For this you have to select the existing paper format in the Formats Browser, and click the “Duplicate” button in the Properties inspector of the current format. In the Formats Browser, in the same category, will appear a new paper format. Now you can customize its properties according to your purposes and use in the project.