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RecID as a Perfect Machine

In this section you will see how the RecID field of Valentina Database is a true, perfect machine. It performs all of the tasks associated with a primary key but does so using zero disk space.

Perfect Machine is a machine, which do its job but not exists.

RecID - Logical Level

  • Each Valentina DB Table have one RecID field.
  • RecID plays role of a UNIQUE identifier of a table record.
  • Corresponds to 4 bytes ULONG type field, which is read-only.
  • We can jump to record with RecID = N directly.
  • RecID of a record is never changed during its lifetime (except refactoring commands).
  • RecID value of deleted records can be reused.

RecID - Physical Level

  • RecID value is a physical number of a record.
  • The first physical record has RecID = 1.
  • A deleted record is marked as such in the Bitmap associated with Table.
Records are not moved physically.

Storage Size - ZERO

RecID field uses zero space and yet still does the same job!

Let we have database Table with one million records.


  • RecID field uses ZERO bytes on disk and in RAM.
  • RecID field do not need index, so ZERO bytes.


  • You use a ULONG field (4 bytes) as Primary Key.
  • Column data size: 4 bytes * 1million = 4 Mb.
  • PK must have index.
  • Index size: (4 bytes of KEY + 4 bytes internal ref) * 1.5 = 12Mb

ZERO job to Create RecID

Each Valentina Table always gets this field automatically. 
Developer needs to put ZERO efforts for it. The best code is no code at all.


  • CREATE TABLE tblPerson( Name VarChar )


  • CREATE TABLE tblPerson( ID ULONG PRIMAY KEY, Name VarChar )