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About Valentina Database Model

  • Valentina Database White Paper - This document briefly describes Valentina's advantages. Valentina's features are described more deeply in the following articles and other documentation.
  • Database Models - A quick overview of different database models, including all the most common database models in the software industry and our Valentina database model.
  • Choosing a Style of Coding - There are three ways to code most Valentina databases: an SQL style, an API style, and a native development environment style. This section covers the SQL and API styles.
  • Properties of Database Objects - This article describes “Properties of Database Objects”, quite unique feature of the Valentina Object-Relational (OR) Data Model.
  • Enum Fields - Article about ENUM field type of Valentina DB. Explains how it solves Localization tasks.

About Valentina DB Format

  • Valentina Vertical Storage - This article describes the advantages of vertical table storage vs row storage used in most dbs (in progress).

About Valentina SQL

About Valentina Server

  • Valentina SQLite Server - This article describes Valentina Server as SQLite Server, the feature introduced in v6.0.
  • REST & Valentina Server - This article describes the REST interface for Valentina Server, the feature introduced in v6.0.

About Valentina Studio

  • v14 Python Scripting - Describes new Python scripting in Valentina Studio v14, Valentina Reports, Forms, and Stored Procedures of Valentina DB.