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Valentina Server Licenses

General Overview

Paradigma ships several editions of Valentina Server, each of them can use own set of license files.

Each license file includes the following information:

  • Name of owner
  • Count of simultaneous connections
  • Date of generation of this license file
  • Subscription period of this license file - if subscription period end then this license file still can be used with latest build of VServer for this period, but it will not work with newer builds. if you want to user newer builds you need extend your subscription.
  • Expiration date of this license file - If this date expires, then Valentina Server just refuse it and will not work. This is used first of all for DEMO license files, which expire on the first day of the next month. Most other license files have this as Infinite. With 5.0 this is deprecated, because DEMO license files replaced by free licenses of VSever/5.
  • Embedded signature - special signature that must have any license file of VServer Embedded.


  • License files can be cross-platform or bound to a single platform. In the second case, the license file name contains the name of platform.
  • License file may use not all above info-fields.
  • Starting with v5.0 any VServer works with databases & reports.

Valentina Server Licenses

Valentina Server owner gets a license file of kind:

  • license_win_ddddddd
  • license_mac_ddddddd
  • license_lin_ddddddd

This license file has the number of connections from 5 to Unlimited.

You can with time purchase few such license files, and drop them together into license folder of VServer what summarize total number of allowed connections.

  • Subscription - 1 year.
  • Expiration - Never.
  • Signature - No.
  • Connections - according to purchase {e.g. 5, 25, 250, Unlimited}

VServer Embedded Licenses

  • Each owner of Valentina Developer Network (VDN) product get set of license files.
  • Each license file from VDN contains _emb_ part in the file name.

Embedded License

* license_emb_dddddd

This is a cross-platform license file of Valentina Embedded Server. On default it has 5 connections. This file is signed by a special secret Embedded Signature of its owner, so VServer Embedded will refuse any connection without this signature.

When Valentina Server see at least one such license in the 'licenses' folder it ignores any other license files that are NOT signed by the same signature.

  • Subscription - 1 year.
  • Expiration - Never.
  • Signature - Yes.
  • Connections - 5


temporary place

Q: What happens if I will put into folder “licenses” both license_emb and license_win files?

Valentina Server recognize license_emb and will ignore any other license files that do not have the same embedded signature.