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Paradigma Software Partners

This list contains the most interesting Valentina users. If you do not see yourself listed here, but you want to be, please let us know.

Academi Reims


Alfred Publishing

URL: http://www.alfred.com - Experience the Joy of Making Music.



URL: http://www.ambasoft.com

AmbaSoft has over 20 years experience providing software design and development services. They work closely with their clients in the complete software lifecycle. AmbaSoft provides premier quality Software Consulting and Development solutions to their clients that will last tomorrow.


URL: http://www.apimac.com

Apimac Software develops and markets MacOS and MacOS X applications in five languages.

Argosy Publishing

URL: http://www.argosypublishing.com

Founded in 1990, Argosy Publishing delivers technology-based, content development unequalled anywhere. Our expertise includes the latest technologies, allowing us to transform content seamlessly, so it is accessible via print, web, and portable platforms.

Art Of Imaging

Associated Press

URL: http://www.ap.org - The essential global news network


URL: http://www.astrocalc.com

Astrocalc programs have always been easy to use, with accurate calculations and the very best printed chart wheels.

ATL Engineering

August Development Corporation

URL: http://www.augdev.com - provides custom software development services specializing in database-driven applications for business automation, multimedia, Internet and commercial applications.

Automated Graphic Systems

URL: http://www.ags.com

Since 1975 Automated Graphic Systems (AGS) has been providing innovative printing and electronic solutions to our customers. Our clients range from associations and non-profits to Fortune 500 companies, universities and healthcare organizations.

Babon Multimedia

URL: http://www.babonmultimedia.com - web programming, multimedia production.

Base 77

URL: http://www.base77.com - cost effective software, multimedia and web development.


URL: http://www.baseview.com

MediaSpan Media Software provides more than 2,900 newspaper customers with mission-critical, pre-press publication software and powerful content management tools that enable efficient product delivery to consumers across print, online and wireless platforms.

Bierly System Designs


BSD Concept


Byte Productions

URL: http://www.byte-productions.com

We earned our reputation as the trusted experts by launching successful web sites every month for years since 1991.




Chillicothe Telephone

URL: http://www.horizontel.com/ - A communication company providing service since 1895.


URL: http://www.cimme.it - Cimme srl is present in the ventilation sector with a technological commitment and operational choices that comeout of a specific conception: total quality to the Customer's advantage.

Cognitive Applications

URL: http://www.cogapp.com - digital design and technology projects.

ColorMetrix Technologies

URL: http://www.colormetrix.com - color measurement software.

Commed GmbH


URL: http://www.compegps.com

CompeGPS products have a great international reputation thank to their quality, competitive prices and constant innovation and improvement of their functions. Enjoy now the kind of product that fits better to your needs.

From programming a trekking route through Alps, getting oriented and analyzing it when finished, up to broadcasting the most important hang glider competitions, managing natural spaces or getting on-flight assistance whatever flying apparatus you use.

Counterpoint Systems

URL: http://www. counterp.com

Counterpoint is the world leader in the provision of software solutions to the entertainment and licensing industries.




Database Publishing Group

URL: http://www.dbpub.com - provides tailored, internet-based solutions to medical societies that facilitate the processing and publication of medical research abstracts and journals

Digi-Net Technologies Inc.

Digitec Interactive

URL: http://www.digitecinteractive.com - is an award-winning digital media production company, developing applications for corporate and government organizations.

East and West Interactive

Echo Visualization

URL: http://www.echoviz.com

EchoViz uses established design strategies and advanced visualization techniques to engage customers and build brands.

Ecran Communication Interactiva


URL: http://www.eduss.com - educational software solutions.


URL: http://www.einstruction.com - Headquartered in Denton, Texas, eInstruction Corporation is a leader in the educational technology industry. With the introduction of the Classroom Performance System (CPS) in 2000, eInstruction is now the unquestioned educational leader in real-time, interactive wireless response pad technology with over 1.8 million response pads now being used in all 50 states in thousands of k-12 schools as well as over 600 universities and 10 foreign countries.


URL: http://www.eknowledge.com - provider of online and CD-ROM e-learning products and services.


URL: http://www.ex-em.com

Exem is a leading provider of database technology solutions in Korea and Japan.

Fastpro Software Ltd.

URL: http://www.fastpro.is

FastPro Software has been on the software market since 1986. We have extensive experience in developing business software.

Furman University

URL: http://www.furman.edu

Furman University offers degrees in 42 fields of study, with top-quality academic advising to help you determine what field of study is the best match for your interests. Each department is strongly committed to Furman’s unique vision of Engaged Learning. On the following pages, you will learn more about each academic discipline and how it uses the principles of Engaged Learning to provide students with the best education available.

Fusion Learning Systems

URL: http://www.fls-inc.com - provides full-service, e-learning solutions.

FX Library

URL: http://www.fxlibrary.co.uk

FXLibrary is the fastest sound effects system for Windows.

Geomatic SA


Harmony Medical

Houghton Mifflin

URL: http://hmco.com

Houghton Mifflin is one of the leading educational publishers in the United States, publishing textbooks, instructional technology, assessments, and other educational materials for teachers and students of every age.


Hypix Madia



inEdit Software


URL: http://www.infuze.co.uk - interactive and e-learning products.

Interactive Classifieds Network Corporation

Inter-Media Communications

URL: http://www.intermedia-comms.com

InterMedia Communications are an established new media and corporate video production company.

Inventive Inc.

Junktion Eighteen

URL: http://www.junction18.com

Junktion Eighteen offers a vast selection of both functional and decorative gifts for the home and prides itself on the high level of service offered to over 2500 retail customers throughout the uk and europe


Kids PC

LACS Centre

Lexia Learning

URL: http://www. lexialearning.com - Every school day, over 1 million children and adults in the U.S. and hundreds of thousands more around the world, learn to read with help from Lexia programs.

Liquid Sky Pty Ltd


Logram International

Macalester College



MacTech Services

URL: http://www. mactechservices.com - Need a little Apple polishing?

Magic Garden GmbH

Manfred Stark

Master Kitchen

Max Programming LLC

URL: http://www.maxprog.com - Macintosh, Windows and Linux software development.

Mazer Corporation

URL: http://www.mazer.com - Educational Developer and Full Service Printing.

McGraw-Hill Companies

MCRMedia Associates

URL: http://www.mcrmedia.com - Our focus is interactive media development, pure and simple. We design and build custom products for CD/DVD delivery, intranets, extranets, or kiosks.

Media Macros

URL: http://www.mediamacros.com - Director oriented site.

Media Connect Multimedia

URL: http://www.mcmm.com - is an interdisciplinary creative-team, consisting of graphic designers, conceptual designers, programmers and technicians.

Media Port


URL: http://www.mediashout.com - Worship and Event Presentation software.

MediaSpan Media Software

URL: http://www.baseview.com - We offer the most extensive product line in the industry including Editorial, Production, Circulation, Advertising and Wireless solutions for papers and magazines of all sizes.



URL: http://www.mindspring.com

With MindSpring Dial Out, you can make super-low-cost calls to cell phones and landlines. Just in case your buddies are ever away from their computers.

MIT Alumni Association

Mm Factory



URL: http://www.monumental-i.com

Monumental uases a natural approach to create interactive applications for web, wireless, multimedia and PDA environments.


NewSoft Technology Corporation


Noos Inc.

Nord Compo Media

Northern Edge Solutions

URL: http://nesoln.com - offers world-class software development, database design, and other consulting services to help companies meet all their information technology needs.

Northport Systems Inc.

Ohm inProduction

Onda Educa

On Target Reports

URL: http://www.ontargetreports.com – report tool.


Paper Dog Ltd


Panther Studios Corporation


Primal Pictures

URL: http://www. primalpictures.com - 3D Interactive human anatomy software.


URL: www.quovadis-gps.de - GPS Software

Queensland University of Technology


URL: http://www.quicomm.com - innovative software solutions for home and business.

RCG Information Technology

URL: http://www.rcgit.com- RCG IT’s Offshore Delivery Center provides a low cost, high quality delivery approach to your business challenges.

Read Naturally

Reading Sysytems Pty Ltd


Roundbox Media

URL: http://www.roundboxmedia.com - we solve critical business and technology challenges with expert knowledge in four areas: enterprise architecture, content management, interactive media and web services.

Science Navigation Group

URL: http://www.cursci.co.uk - services for the biomedical community, maps & navigation.



Sense Media


Six Red Marbles

Software Factory, LLC

Somatic Vision


Sunbelt Business Graphics

Systemy Informatyczne


Terra Firma Software

URL: http://www. terrafirmasoftware.com - is a one person operated software development company which is using Realbasic as the development tool to enable multi platform software development.

Teknia Software

The Parking Lot

URL: http://www.theparkinglot.com - a full service brand design agency.

Thinking Strings

URL: http://www. thinkingstrings.com - designs, develops, and publishes educational and research software.

Three-2-One GmbH

Titane Sarl

Tracy Valleau.com

URL: http://www.dlsi.biz - At Tracy Valleau.com, we've been hired by companies like National Geographic, McGraw-Hill, Sony, Disney, Silicon Graphics, Apple, DoubleTree Hotel, Jasmine and others for work in video editing, multimedia DVDs and CD-ROMs, and photography.

Tri-Ventures, Inc.

URL: http://www.catadisc.com - the most powerful multimedia instrument to market you product.

True North Software Corp.

Universal Music Publishing Group

University of Hong Kong



URL: http://www.vertisinc.com - servers as Marketing Partner for many of todays's leading fortune 500 companies.


URL: http://www.webflex.co.nz - web and multimedia system development.

Woermann Multimedia AB

Zero Gravity Multimedia

URL: http://www.zgm.com.au - web design, graphic design, multimedia.

Zolv.com Ltd

URL: http://www.zolv.com - software solutions through collaboration.