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ADK Features

  • Royalty Free Distribution - With a Valentina ADK, you can distribute Valentina with your applications royalty free.
  • Runs from Any Media - Valentina can run from HDD, CD, DVD, and Flash medias. Also you can create temporary in-memory databases and tables.
  • Easy Server Connectivity - Valentina ADKs can easy access Valentina Server on a network. You can work with several servers and with several local databases in the same time.
  • Code Examples - Jump start your development with over 60 code samples and projects.
  • Documentation - 400+ pages of documentation + knowledge base. Over 400 pages of online documentation, tutorials plus a Valentina Knowledge base wiki.
  • Free, Open Community Support - Free, public community mailing list. Special corporate service contracts are available.
  • Valentina Studio - Create, modify and query Valentina databases and administrate Valentina Office Server with this visual editor (included with any ADK Professional).