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Register Existed Database

Let you have some Valentina database. For example you created it locally using Valentina Studio, or you moved it from other Valentina Server. Let you need to put this database under working Valentina Server without stopping. For this you should make the following steps:

  • drop database into the 'databases' folder of your VServer folder.
  • Register database to Valentina Server. You can do this in few ways:
    • Valentina Studio โ€“ provides GUI dialog to execute this operation. Check menu VServer.
    • SQL way โ€“ you can use Valentina SQL command REGISTER DATABASE. You can execute this command from your application code or from SqlEditor of Valentina Studio. See Valentina SQL Reference for details.
    • API WAY โ€“ you can use VServer.RegisterDatabase() method to execute registration from your application code. See Valentina API Reference for details.

This Registration action in background just INSERT one record into the MasterDB of Valentina Server. This record links full path of this new database to some name. Valentina Clients will specify this name for VDatabase.Open() method or in the Valentina Studio dialogs.