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Using SNMP

Valentina Server, starting from 3.4 release, is able to operate with SNMP get and get_next requests.

Currently we support requests for the following oids:

  • sysDescr(”″ )
  • sysUpTime(”″ )

There are 3 additional oids available in version 5.0:

  • sysPort(“”) - returns PORT (Non-secure port to listen)
  • sysSSLPort(“”) - returns PORT_SSL (Secure port to listen by VServer)
  • connectionsCount(“”) - returns count of clients connected to vServer

There are 2 additional oids available in version 6.5.2:

  • sysSqlitePort(“”) - returns Sqlite PORT (Non-secure port to listen)
  • sysSqliteSSLPort(“”) - returns Sqlite PORT_SSL (Secure port to listen by VServer)

Not much info but it makes a possibility to monitor vServer over SNMP.

Starting from 5.0 release this feature works on all Valentina-supported platforms.


To enable this feature on the server side you need specify in the INI-file the SNMP port which Valentina Server will listen for SNMP requests. On default this port is 15161. 0 means turning off SNMP agent.