Valentina Studio Features In Depth

Valentina Studio Pro Source Control lets you commit, evaluate and commit and migrate database schema.

Commit Database Schema

One of the goals of source control is to track schema changes. You can do this by committing changes to schema using snapshots from SQLDump or the Script Folder.

Committing the schema version is sophisticated process that can include many steps. Commit can be performed only when all steps are ready. If the step is not ready you should perform additional operations to prepare the particular step. Each step contains description that will help you to perform preparation actions. When the scenario will be applied all steps will be marked as finished.

Commit Database Schema

Increment Database Schema Version

When database was changed you can increment the schema version in the Source Control. Determine schema changes you should to compare the current schema with initial using SQLDIFF, then when you are ready, commit.

Migrate Database Schema

Valentina Studio Pro can also generate a Migrate Database Schema script, and execute it.