1. Aleksandar Spasojevic
  2. Valentina Server
  3. Friday, February 16 2018, 09:41 AM
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I have one field which has to be populated with larger data. I created textField to hold data, but very often, when diagnosing that DB, I get following errors. When trying to access affected records, Valentina Studio crashes with lot of Kernel errors.

.....> SegmentFile:
Segment 40022 has wrong mIndex must be 81 in fact 1
Segment 40022 has wrong mFirstSegment must be 9063 in fact 40022
Segment 40022 has wrong mPrevSegment must be 5298 in fact 0

Problems found! ( SegmentFile: )

Problems found! ( Field: completeInfo , type Text )

Since DB is created in Xojo, this is Generated SQL for completeInfo field:

-- CREATE FIELD "completeInfo" ---------------------------------
ALTER TABLE "asset" ADD COLUMN "completeInfo" TEXT ( 128 );
-- -------------------------------------------------------------

How can I find why these problems keeps happening?

Thank you,
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Ruslan Zasukhin Accepted Answer
Hi Aleksandar,

=========== Mantis Info =====================
It is better to report such issue(s) into Mantis - our bug tracker.

Why it is better? Described in these FAQs:

* Each separate issue report into separate issue report.

* If you have database or project then attach it compressed to the report.
you can put up to 250Kb archives.
* Provide in the report as many detailed info as you can: OS, version, locale, ….
* If possible, please provide exact steps how to reproduce problem.

We will ask you more details via Mantis issue.
Please specify info as much as possible, OS, version, what ADK you use to work with vserver, size of tables, record numbers, etc.

Please check if you have Flush() after you modify db.

How really often you get this? Each time you do something? or you can do the same things and its okay but sometimes issue comes?

Do you work via SQL with db?
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