1. François Van Lerberghe
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  3. Monday, January 20 2020, 07:34 AM
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Just to let you know there is a bug in the SQL FORMAT function :
The FORMAT function return wrong value with the date of the latest 2 days of the year (December 31 or December 30, any year) and the pattern 'kDateFormat_Pattern' : for the year 2019, the returned year is 2020 but it should be 2019.
(Perhaps the bug is in the icu library ?)

To reproduce,
- Open VStudio (any version, included the newest 9.8.2)
- Set date format to DDMMYYYY and "/" as delimiter
- type in the SQL pane :

SELECT YEAR(GETDATE('31/12/2019')) GoodYear, FORMAT(GETDATE('31/12/2019'), 'YYYY-MM-dd', 'kDateFormat_Pattern') BadFormatedDate

The result show : 2019 | 2020-12-31

Reported in Mantis (#0008716).
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Ivan Smahin Accepted Answer
This is not a bug, but the feature:


Please, pay attention to the last example - the difference between "YYYY" and "yyyy" in the date-time patterns:

-- Pay attention to the difference between 'Y' and 'y' patterns.
-- 'Y' is a pattern for "year of "Week of Year"', but 'y' is for simply "Year".
-- Following US locale, "2019/12/28" is a last day for a 52nd week in 2019 year.
-- 29, 30 and 31 are both in the last (53) week and in the first week for 2019 and 2020 years respectively.
SELECT FORMAT('2019/12/31', 'YYYY', 'kDateFormat_Pattern')
=> '2020'
SELECT FORMAT('2019/12/31', 'yyyy', 'kDateFormat_Pattern')
=> '2019'
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Mmmh, no, I don't get the good result.

SELECT FORMAT(GetDate('31/12/2019'), 'yyyy', 'kDateFormat_Pattern')

give me '2020'

(must use GETDATE in order to work with a date, not simply '31/12/2019')

Can you try it. Or have I something wrong with my VStudio (tried with 5.8.8, 9.5.3 and the latest 9.8.2) ?
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Ivan Smahin Accepted Answer
That strange result may happens because of wrong db's DTFormat, please check it. I guess it is MMDDYYYY instead of DDMMYYYY.
Probably we need more checks for errors - I will try to do it soon.
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Ok, it was the date format. After adjusting the format, it's working good.
Thank you.
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