1. Helen
  2. Valentina Studio
  3. Wednesday, February 15 2023, 07:12 AM
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Hi! I'm on my way to start using Valentina in my work. To make the final decision I need your help. Haven't found some info that I'm interested in. Could you please help me?
Is there in Valentina a report viewer that could be embedded into the application? I know about the viewer in the Valentina Studio. But I need the same viewer in my application where the user would be able to preview his report, to print or download it. Is it possible?
And if it's possible here comes another question: how can I ensure secure authentication with my current application? We use JWT to authenticate and the frontend-application must somehow authenticate with the report-server. How this can be done?
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Sergey Pashkov Accepted Answer
Hi Helen,

Please specify more details about your application - used technologies and frameworks.
It is a web application, right?

The Valentina Server can generate a preview of one page in a suitable image format and you can show it in your application.
If it is a web application in a browser - you can generate and open PDF, and the user can view, download or print it. Web applications in the browser have limited access to printers.
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