1. James Hooker
  2. Valentina Studio
  3. Friday, January 02 2015, 04:20 PM
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As described in the subject, the TAB button on the keyboard does not appear to work as expected under Ubuntu 14.04. I'm using Valentina Studio 5.6 Build Oct 17 2014.

Will this issue be addressed?

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Ruslan Zasukhin Accepted Answer
Hi James,

VStudio developers will answer soon in more details. I will throw couple general points

1) You can always check our bug tracker - Mantis. Choose Valentina Studio project,
and you can see
* View open reports
* Roadmap of a project
* Changelog of resolved


2) We always try fix all reports bugs, especially if they are reproduced.

3) More of year we work hardly to port Valentina Studio from wxWidgets to QT framework. We hope we are near to start 6.0b1 beta testing ... QT is going provide us much better quality of cross-platfom framework.
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