1. Scott Roberts
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  3. Wednesday, July 11 2018, 06:59 PM
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Is it possible to create a check constraint for a table that references a link? I have a 1:M binary link between two tables and would like a field in the child table to be unique within the parent record (it does not need to be unique within the table).

If I were using foreign keys, I would create a check constraint on the concatenation of the parent table key and the child table field.

I've attached a sample database with sample data.

I would like to create a check that ensures that the name field in the Rooms table is unique within the record in the Houses table to which it is linked.

Can this be done with a check constraint or do I need to check for this programmatically?
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Ruslan Zasukhin Accepted Answer
Hi Scott,

CHECK works only for the current record.

I think when you mention {FK + name} you mean UNIQUE constraint actually, which builds an additional index for the whole table.

You could do this with ObjectPtr field (also 1 : M) the same as with FK,
but with Binary Link ... this is a good question. We will think about it.
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