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  3. Thursday, August 29 2019, 04:23 PM
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I've upgraded from Valentina 6.3 to Valentina 9. I'm now seeing in the release notes the introduction of the ILIKE SQL keyword.

Previously, my app did all case insensitive searches. I'm now seeing that some searches are case sensitive. From what little is in the documentation (actually nothing!) I see that ILIKE is the thing to use when you want non case sensitive searches. What I am not understanding is why LIKE sometimes works for me and sometimes not.

When I do this query:

SELECT tblAlbums.cTitle FROM tblAlbums WHERE tblAlbums.cTitle Like '%after%'

I get no hits for any cTitle containing the word "After". Changing to ILIKE correctly returns these entries.

But, when I search for the beginning of the string as so:

SELECT tblAlbums.cTitle FROM tblAlbums WHERE tblAlbums.cTitle LIKE 'after%'

I do get the titles that begin with the capitalized word After. Changing to ILIKE returns the same entries. In this case LIKE and ILIKE work the same way.

Does ILIKE only apply to searches that look for embedded strings?

Is there any comprehensive explanation in the Valentina Documentation that I am not seeing? Search is not providing anything substantial.
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Steve Albin Accepted Answer
Too bad I can't edit my post.

I should say that ILIKE always works. The question is why don't I need it all the time. Seems like I only need it for searches of embedded strings.
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