Open or Convert old V4RB 1.11 files

I am trying to open very old local database files with the current version of Xojo 2018 Release 4 using the Oct 2018 version of ValentinaPlugin.xojo_plugin. The database was created with Realbasic 5.5.4 November 2004 with V4RB 1.11 dated Sept 29, 20...

Reconnecting to server makes a hard crash

As usual I must be doing something stupid when reconnecting to the server: Situation: I have simulated the loss of connection by simply doing a shutdown of the server. However, when closing the connection in my app before connecting to another dat...

Licensing question about Valentina Studio Pro

Question to our friends from Valentina: I purchased a license for my Valentina Studio Pro for Windows. I also have a Linux workstation where I am working from. Do I have to purchase a separate license for the Linux version as well? Thanks....

[BETA] 9.0b10 Valentina Products

Hi Valentina Developers and Users, we have made 9.0b10 build, which you can find here: Release Notes for 9.0:

Unable to Change Relationship Cardinality

Hello all, I'm using Valentina Studio 8.7.2 on Mac OS 10.14.2 with Postgres 9.4 running on Ubuntu 16.0.4. On an existing database, I need to change some table relationships from one-to-many to one-to-one, but when I attempt to modify the cardi...

Print a report that's wider than the page by automatically splitting to multiple pages

I need to design a variable width report that will often go beyond the width of the page. Excel has a feature that automatically splits wide spreadsheets into multiple pages. Can I do that in Valentina Reports?...

Problem with encrypting database for VServer in Valentina Studio

I did the following: - I selected a middle large server database in Valentina Studio and encrypted it. - Quit and reopened Valentina Studio. - I double clicked the database. Entered a password. - Now I get a nice message: In Finder I can s...

Alternatives to Adobe Director

Now fading into history, Adobe terminated / end of life'd Adobe Director in 2017. We continued to support Director up through the end of the Valentina 7.x lifecycle, but not into Valentina 8.x. If you were using Adobe Director for development, what d...

Valentina causing "not responding"

Since updating my app to 64bit it can handle larger amounts of data. Unfortunately, this means that "not responding" now also shows up when adding data. Try the example "Field_FromToFile" and use it with a larger file - I have ...

Crash VS v8.0.2 windows 10 32bits

Using this query on postgresql Select Socios.numsocio,CONCAT(Apellidos,' ',Dueno) As Nombre,CONCAT(Socios.DireccionPostal,' ',Socios.Ciudad,' ',Socios.estado,' ',Socios.CodigoPostal) As Dir1 ,CelularNumero,Email,StatusSocio,Marca From Socios INNER...

Want opinions about Valentina database.

Hello, I am a ISV and I am looking for a new database for my applications. My applications are devoped in Delphi and I am interested in Valentina-db. I cannot find sites in internet talking about stability and robustness of this database. There i...

Valentina 8.7.2 Adds Report Summary Update, Other Improvements

Paradigma Software Valentina Release 8.7.2 adds a few minor fixes plus enhancement of summary controls in groups in Valentina Reports. Valentina Studio / Studio Pro Valentina Studio is the free, all purpose database management and forms client to...

Tiny little request for Mantis

Hi Valentina persons, wanted to make a bug report for Mantis. But had the same issue as the last time: my screenshots are too large since I got a HiDPI screen. Can you change the maximum size of attachments to something more modern like 5 MB? P...

Help using Valentina Report from Omegabundle

Hi, I bought two days ago the Omegabundle for Windows, and I received, after a while, a mail with the serial number. I downloaded and installed Valentina Studio 8. Then I looked for any documentation about using Valentina Reports for Xojo, but I fou...

Deploying on windows

Hello, After building the application on mac os, xojo generates 2 folders (ibs and resources) and the application. Inside the libs folder there are all dll's required, included the v4rb.dll when I try to execute the program it says that it...

Omegabundle for Xojo Web 2018 Pro Tools Mini Bundle Announced

Save over 67% through December 31, 2018 on these professional development and creative tools. Omegabundle Mini for Xojo Web 2018 is a collection of useful tools for professional developers and creatives. If purchased separately and not including any ...

MSSQL to Sqlite

can i use Valentina studio to conver MSSQL to sqlite DB...

Problems with calculations in a table

Hi, I have added a table to my report that summarizes the tax rates of my products (10 or 21%). I have 5 columns in the table with these calculations: Column-1: $F(field1) Column-2: $F(field2) Column-3: = field1 * field2 / 100 Column-4: = f...

Creation of log files with kLogParams

Is Valentina Studio Pro required to create log files using Valentina_DebugLevel("kLogParams"?...

Merry Christmas 2018 from the Paradigma Software Team

On behalf of the teams that make Valentina we'd like to wish our clients, customers and friends a happy holidays! For many of us, the holiday is upon is, whereas many won't be celebrating until New Year's or even Christmas in January. We appreciate y...

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