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Existing SQLite database : Missing fields in tables with VS

I tried Valentina Studio Free (both on Mac and Linux), with an existing sqlite database but I have some problems with missing fields. For example : What is created and OK in other DB Tools : table1 idtable1 field1 field2 table2 idtab...

Related tables don't works

Hi! I currently use version 9.1 (64-bit) of Valentina Studio on Windows 10 and the "Related tables" functionality is not working. Can you help me? Thanks....

Studio Pro - data transfer but after the upgrade

After updating to the latest release (adding PostgreSQL 10), data transfer stopped working. I am attaching a screenshot. I can be selecting my database source and target until I get blue to my face and the 'Next' button never comes alive so I canno...

Incorrect record count in table property view

Please, take a look at attached screenshot. You will notice that the studio does not sort record count numerically under table properties views. Instead it treats everything as a string....

Bug or a feature - incorrect placement of tables and other associated object using diagram feature in Studio Pro

I think I came across a bug in behavior of Studio Pro when designing table structure using "diagram" feature. Upon clicking "apply", instead of creating tables and other corresponding objects in the schema of our choice (the sche...

Strange query builder behavior

Going more through a query builder functionality in Studio Pro, I noticed a strange behavior which might or might not be a bug. That depends on whether I am using that feature correctly. Let me describe a perceived issue in my mind (see attached sc...

MSSQL Server Error

Is anyone else getting this error when selecting items to view linked table? MSSQL Server. This error does not occur in 7.3 [img]https://www.dropbox.com/s/8gadj2ojrr2ljqh/Valantina%20Studio%20error.png?raw=1[/img]...

How do I support the UUID type in my DB so that when I export its used as the correct type in postgresql?

I am trying to use the PostgreSQL uuid type in my database, and I notice that despite wide support for it and the actual intention for me to use it in my end database, its missing from the type list in the pulldown menu. I'm not sure what to do as at...

key authenticated SSH connection fails at app launch until redesignate key file

MAS 7.4.1 on Sierra 10.12 I have managed to get VS to connect to my server via a SSH tunnel. This, however, is a tenuous connection, as the following happens each time I start VS: I have a connection bookmark with all the necessary servers and...

Number of AffectedRows on UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE using REST API

Hi, I am interested in using Valentina Server as a SQLite DB server with client access using REST API. I'm running VServer 7.1.3 and my client access is a Excel 2010 VBA program. HTTP calls are made using the MSXML2.XMLHTTP60 object from Microsoft...

Feature suggestion or bug?

I am not sure if what I see is intended or not. Supposed you have a table in a database that is also a part of a diagram. If one deletes fields in the column view and then switches to the diagram view the fields that were deleted remain, in an italic...

Install VServer on Ubuntu

Hello, I installed the Free Version of Valentina Server on an Ubuntu 12.04.4 server, then I started it. Until there all seems to be ok, i don't have any error messages, but I don't find the INI file nor the master DB which are supposed to be crea...

Valentina Studio 5.8.6 update notification link on Fedora points to deb package

Hi! A minor bug: On a fedora system the link provided by the vstudio update dialog points to the deb package for 5.8.6 instead of the rpm one....

Install of 5.8.0-2 x86_64 RPM fails on Fedora 21 Workstation

Hi... The same issue had occurred with the rpm of 5.7.5-2 ( http://www.valentina-db.com/en/discussions/install-of-5-7-5-2-rpm-fails-on-fedora-21-workstation ) . It was resolved shortly after my report. I hope having this one sorted out as quick : ...

Install of 5.7.5-2 RPM fails on Fedora 21 Workstation

On Ferora 21 Workstation when trying to install 5.7.5-2 version of Studio : Transaction check error: file / from install of vstudio-5.7.5-2.x86_64 conflicts with file from package filesystem-3.2-28.fc21.x86_64...

Under Ubuntu 14.04, the TAB button on the keyboard does not appear to work (i.e. it doesn't switch to the next element). Is this a known issue, and will it be fixed?

As described in the subject, the TAB button on the keyboard does not appear to work as expected under Ubuntu 14.04. I'm using Valentina Studio 5.6 Build Oct 17 2014. Will this issue be addressed? Thanks...
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