How to Execute a Form from VStudio command line?

Hi, I am trying to figure out how to run a Form _without_ exposing the entire VStudio GUI. The idea is to have Forms and Data Sources on a remote vserver and while vstudio will be installed locally on clients it is not desirable to be exposed to ...

Checking vServer license

I'm finalising my Valentina installer. When I drop a random file into the licenses folder and restart the server with the preferences pane I get an error message "there is no license on the server". When the server is started successfull...

Existing SQLite database : Missing fields in tables with VS

I tried Valentina Studio Free (both on Mac and Linux), with an existing sqlite database but I have some problems with missing fields. For example : What is created and OK in other DB Tools : table1 idtable1 field1 field2 table2 idtab...

Problem with Xojo Report ADK (in local) with SQLite DB in Server

Hi, I am using the files from GeneralOnVSQLite example to understand how to get a VReport. The SQLite is in the VSQLite Server and the reports.vsp is in local. This is my code in Xojo Project: [App] - Close Event Handler Valentina.Sh...

Valentina Release 9.1.5 Improves Valentina Studio SQL Editor, Fixes, Updates for Valentina DB

Paradigma Software announces Valentina Release 9.1.5 including many improvements to Valentina Studio Pro and Valentina DB. Valentina Studio / Studio Pro Valentina Studio is the free, all purpose database management and forms client tool. Valentin...

Why the studio freezes in these two cases?

I have two questions: 1. Why when i enter in the schema editor to the table list, the application freezes for a couple of seconds(~15s) and the it shows the tables list? 2. When i double click a table in the schema editor in order to open the dat...

How i use free lic for test

Where i put free windows Valentina server lic for sqlite...

Add a table to existing diagram

Hello, I've created a diagram, checked "add existing tables", and spent some time placing the cards of each table where I want them to be. The database now has one new table, and I would like to add it where it belongs without re-plac...

Form catching data changes and prompt user to save

Hello. I am trying to figure out how to show a warning dialog if a user edits a field and then clicks forward or back a record button. Is there any sample forms with error capturing prior to allowing the user move to the next record and lose those ...

9.1.4 schema editor performance issues

I have noticed that with very large tables in PostgreSQL 11, studio 9.1.4 takes either a VERY long time to show tables in the schema editor or it does not open them at all and I have to crash studio to recover (Windows). I am talking about tables w...

Port used

Valentina Server is confusing me. Originally, I just noticed that it creates a huge amount of log files. I made feature request to limit the amount of files. It also doesn't make sense to try to restart vServer thousands of times. And log files are b...

Form widget that exports data to a file

We'd like to set up a widget in a form that would export data to a file, e.g. to export a table as a CSV file on the Desktop. There is a widget option Set Action > File > Write Data, which produces the code template: f = new QFile( '/path/...

Hide related tables

Every single time I open a table that has foreign keys, the related tables open up as well. Even after hiding it, it pops again every tiem. I don't think it should be enabled by default: * It takes up half of the screen real-estate * The title ...

Schema Editor Doesn't Show Tables

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Valentina Studio on Tom's Guide

Nice to see that Tom's Guide has started offering download pages for Valentina Studio. Even though Tom's Guide focuses a lot on the Windows platform they are also including separate downloads for Valentina Studio for macOS, Valentina Studio for Linux...

Feature Request: Foreign key value lookup on mouseover

It would save oodles of time if when I put my mouse over a foreign key, it looked up a column value in that foreign table for me. For example, a table of orders below, I put my mouse over a cell in the person column and it displays the name of tha...

Crosstab vs Table

I was cleaning up a few old reports and I noticed a control called Crosstab in the VStudio report editor. Is this new? And if so, what is the difference between that and a table? I don't see much difference. Thanks in advance. Scott...

Missing Icon and Pixelated Text on Schema Editor in v9.1.3

Hi, Firstly, thanks for the fix on the Schema Editor performance issue. Found a few more issue in the latest v9.1.3 update, 1. The icon above the table in the schema editor is missing 2. The text in the table look quite bad in lower resolut...

Emails from Mantis

Why do I nowadays get emails from Mantis for issues that are not my own? I just got 3 emails regarding . Regards Beatrix Willius...

Valentina Release 9.1.3 Now Available; Improvements for MariaDB, Valentina Server Properties

Paradigma Software announces Valentina Release 9.1.3, which focuses on fixing issues and performance across multiple products. This release is available for immediate release in the downloads section of the website. Valentina Studio [Imp] About...

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