Valentina Studio Features In Depth

MongoDB is a open source cross-platform document-oriented database that you can manage using Paradigma Software Valentina Studio data management software.

Why You Select MongoDB

MongoDB stores documents that can have varied structures and does not require a schema, so you do not have to define the structure of your database first. You can add new fields at any time and use any type of value. Related data can be stored together to improve speed of queries.

Why You Select Valentina Studio for MongoDB

Free Version
Valentina Studio is free. Upgrade later to Valentina Studio Pro for additional features.
ALL Databases
If you do upgrade to Valentina Studio Pro, you don't pay more for each database type you need to support.
Desktop Native
Valentina Studio is a fast, native application that is available on Windows, Linux and macOS.
Free Updates
This is how a subscription should work. This isn't rental software. You get all the updates that come out over the next 12 months.

MongoDB Specific Features

Valentina Studio includes customizations to support differences from other databases and also unique qualities of MongoDB.

MongoDB Connection Dialog

 The Connection Dialog for MongoDB includes access to specific features of MongoDB on the General and Advanced tabs.
Connection Dialog General Tab for MongoDB Valentina Studio Advanced Connection Dialog for MongoDB


MongoDB Server Administration

Monitor connections and users of a registered MongoDB Server.
MongoDB Server Administration Tab

MongoDB Command Editor

Write and execute commands with results, logs and analysis.
MongoDB Command Editor


MongoDB Data Editor (List View)

Browse documents on MongoDB in the Valentina Studio Data Editor.
MongoDB Document List View lets you see a list of all documents.

MongoDB Collection Editor

Directly edit document collections within Valentina for MongoDB in the MongoDB Collection Editor.
MongoDB Collection Editor


Valentina Studio uses a plug-in architecture to support each database.