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  3. Tuesday, November 05 2019, 03:29 AM
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Valentina Studio Pro 8.3.3 report keeps on crashing.

Here's the story:
1. In the query I called a stored procedure and tested it (pic 1).
2. Designed a report and preview it (pic 2). So far so good.
3. Now, I disable any calls from the query (pic 3) and
4. Simulate the calls in the pre-build script as I plan to call this from my Xojo app.
When I preview the report, Valentina crashes.
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Sergey Pashkov Accepted Answer
Hello Dale,

I can't reproduce such issue in my Xojo test app.
Maybe try to simplify call in the pre_build script, run without getting parameters? Just to know if it is executed and the table is created.

Also, you can try to use parameters in the report query:
CALL getstockcard( $P('vDateFrom'), ...

$P adds quotes to values of string parameters. $!P was added in 9.0.7 and it never quotes the parameter value.

But we can't define sorting or grouping if there are multiple statements in the report query.
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