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  3. Wednesday, November 13 2019, 11:06 PM
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Update makes it easier to manager server licenses, writing Javascript, Docker and new Valentina Report options.

Valentina Studio / Valentina Studio Pro
Valentina Studio is the free, all purpose database management and forms client tool. Valentina Studio Pro combines database management with diagramming, forms creation, reporting and database continuous integration. Available on Windows, Linux and macOS.

  • [New][Report Editor] – property ‘column_layout’ with options: { “horizontal”, “vertical” } added for COLUMNS and LABELS reports. Before there was only a “vertical” order.
  • [New][Schema Editor] – UPLOAD files to Valentina Server:
  • -UPLOAD license file
    -UPLOAD ValentinaDB files
    -UPLOAD SQLite file
    -UPLOAD Valentina Project file

You can upload them in the Server Admin via buttons and drag&drop. You can upload them via the contextual menu of “Valentina Server Connection” on the left side. You can drag files into the first column of Schema Editor. You can drag files to an active VSERVER CONNECTION on the left panel. You can even drag open local SQLite or Valentina DB from the first column of Schema Editor to an active VSERVER CONNECTION on the left panel.

  • [New][Server Admin] Licenses Tab Panel displays all licenses located in the VServer/licenses folder. Licenses have different colors depending on their status, Expired, Time Remaining and so on.
  • [New][Project Editor] – Edit a JavaScript file after a single click, instead just see its non-editable preview. This is similar to Xcode project behavior.
  • [Imp][JS Script Editor] – adds a ‘console’ option to the auto-completion list
  • [Fix][MSSQL][Data Editor] Fixed sorting by NText/Text columns in the Data Editor.
  • [Fix][MSSQL]8622 – Error: “The next data type cannot be selected as DISTINCT because it is not comparable”
  • [Fix]8633 – Auto-completion by ENTER button corrected.

Valentina Server
Valentina Server incorporates Valentina Reports Server, Valentina Forms Server and two database servers: Valentina DB Server and Valentina SQLite Server. Available for Windows, Linux, macOS and Raspberry PI.

  • [New][VSQL] 8674 – VServer poperty ‘SERVERPATH’ in the command ‘GET PROPERTIES’
  • [New][VSQL] 8677 – “DROP PROJECT proj_name” command
  • [Chg][VSQL]7338 – Now you can skip “USE MASTER;” command in ‘CREATE/DROP/ALTER EVENT’ commands.
  • Valentina Server Docker Documentation. Better docs on the Official Docker documentation website. and on the Valentina Documentation wiki

Valentina Reports
Valentina Reports cross platform reports system is available in Valentina Reports Server, Valentina Reports ADK for embedding a reporting system into applications and Valentina Studio as a reports authoring, testing and deployment platform.

  • [New] Report with columns can now fill columns in the “horizontal” order, additionally to original “vertical” order

Valentina DB
Valentina DB is Paradigma Software advanced, object relational database and available in Valentina DB Server (a part of Valentina Server) and Valentina DB ADKs (developer components for adding runtime database support to applications).

  • [New][SQL] “REPAIR DATABASE”, “REPAIR TABLE table_name, …”, “REPAIR FIELD tbl_name.fld_name, …” commands. Currently it is able to fix 1 kind of corruption in a BLOB field. Speed of repair is now much faster than reindex or clone.

See the original announcement on the Valentina Developer Blog.
  1. https://www.valentina-db.com/blog/?p=2525
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