Build your report visually with drag-and-drop, scriptable report objects in Valentina Studio Pro.

Valentina Reports Objects Library

Valentina Reports can include a combination of any of a long list of objects that offer flexibility and control over how your reports present and format your data.


Field Objects

  • Field Object

Simple Objects

  • Ellipse Object
  • Label Object
  • Line Object
  • Rectangle Object
  • Shape Object
  • Page Break Object

DataSet Objects

  • BarCode Object
  • Chart Object
  • HTML Object
  • Picture Object
  • SubReport Object
  • Table Object

Text Objects

  • Expression Object
  • Summary Object
  • Date Object
  • Time Object
  • DateTime Object
  • Page Number Object
  • Total Pages Object
  • Record Number Object
  • Total Records Object

Reports Objects Scripting with JavaScript

All Valentina Report Objects support pre- and post- properties for scripting programmatic behaviors using the V8 JavaScript engine.

What is V8?

V8 JavaScript Engine from GoogleV8 is Google's open source high-performance JavaScript engine. It implements ECMAScript as specified in ECMA-262.

V8 compiles and executes JavaScript source code, handles memory allocation for objects, and garbage collects objects it no longer needs. V8's stop-the-world, generational, accurate garbage collector is one of the keys to V8's performance.