Valentina Studio Features In Depth

 Valentina Studio UI

Valentina Studio is your universal database management tool for working with MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Valentina DB databases. Valentina Studio lets you connect with all major databases, run queries and generate diagrams to better understand your mission critical business data - and that is the free version of Valentina Studio.

Schema Editor

Database Modeling

Work with databases using diagrams, tree or column view.

Virtual Links

Valentina Studio Virtual Links

Create virtual links where you need the functionality of foreign keys without creating foreign keys.

Data Editor

Valentina Studio Data Editor

Clean data editor with high productivity tools for working with tables, records and fields.

Data Transfer

Valentina Data Transfer

Specify mapping of source/target tables and fields and load records from db1 to db2.


Valentina Studio Workspaces

Organize your tools, preferences, lists of recent datasources and more for individual projects.


Valentina SQL DIFF

Compare schemas of two databases and  transform the first schema into the second.

Valentina Forms

Valentina Forms

Create and add forms visually, and then your users can work with them in free Valentina Studio.

Report Designer

Valentina Report Editor

Transforms queries into visually stunning enterprise reports with full suite of design elements.

SQL Editor

Valentina SQL Editor

Full featured SQL Editor for writing, testing and executing queries with all supported databases.